Boxing The Needle – Brooklyn Scene Turns Out Epic Sound

Although they seem to be shrinking in the modern music world, there will always be big benefits to being a part of a music scene.  The contacts you make by being out there at shows is invaluable.  Networking is key in any business but perhaps even more in the music world.  Our recent find Boxing The Needle is a good example of this.

Boxing The Needle

The Brooklyn, NY based band is the result of four musicians who have been in multiple bands through the years developing a kinship that became the basis for the formation of Boxing The Needle.  The group is comprised of Ryan Townsend (guitar, vocals), Ryan Marks (bass, vocals),  Yan Falmagne (keys, vocals), and Scott MacRobbie (drums).  Thier talents and experience work well together through original improvisations and jams that have set the band apart from the mainstream.  

Over this past summer the band was working hard in the studio recording a handful of tracks at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY what would become their latest EP The Bunker Sessions.  Although only 3 songs, the record is a great introduction to what Boxing The Needle does.  The opener “All We’ve Known” is a mellow lullaby-like track with a pretty melody that transforms throughout adding heartfelt vocals that breathe true emotion.  There is more aggression on “Savage Henry” with psychedelic organ pushing the energy up as soulful vocals provide moments of relaxation before the track whips you back into a whirlwind of talented instrumental noise.  The closing 7 and a half minute “Sneed’s Landing” combines everything the band has into one epic track.  This is a listen that runs the gamut of emotions.  Dive deeper into the Boxing The Needle world at: 

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