Breanne Marie and The Front Porch Sinners Sway To ‘Juniper’

People create music for many different reasons. And music can be whatever it needs to be for these artists. Whether it comes from a joyful place or an area of despair, music can be the solution to release the emotions from both sides of the coin. Our recent find Breanne Marie and The Front Porch Sinners has provided music from all of these angles and has a new album set for release in February 2021.

Breanne Marie broke into the Minnesota music scene in the early 2010’s as a solo performer with an acoustic guitar and a repertoire of country covers and originals. Her debut album Six Strings of Peace and Sanity in 2013 showed that pouring her personal stories into song would connect well with the listeners. The full backing band The Front Porch Sinners jumped on the train to take her career to the next level. The band went on to release 3 more albums in the next 4 years of Great Lakes Country music.

Breanne Marie and The Front Porch Sinners preview Juniper

Now Breanne Marie and The Front Porch Sinners are back with a new album Juniper set to drop on February 19th, 2021. The 9 track record is their most introspective songwriting yet as they cover a tumultuous couple years for all of us in their unique style. As Breanne said “I want people to put on this record and feel grateful for all the things they’ve made it through. We’ve come a long way.”

The opener “Central Hillside” starts it off with the Great Lakes Country sound of classic country instrumentation paired with lyrics that hit home for residents of the rust belt. “Hard Time” slows it down a little to let the emotions fully come through that we can all relate to at times. Breanne Marie has a voice that just oozes feelings and draws the listener into the story.

The full sound of the Front Porch Sinners can be felt on “Love Is A Song” as they build a full wall of sound behind the vocals. Pedal Steel, fiddle and mandolin make the record have this classic yet full sound. “Dead Man Walking” continues this with a straight up head bopping beat that gets the heart pumping along.

The album closes with probably the most emotional song in the title track “Juniper.” The strumming guitar and pedal steel add to the emotion while Breanne lays down vocals that come off sweet and meaningful.

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