‘Walk The Land’ With Campfire Bob By Your Side

There is much more to music than just sounds and words. When an artist puts his heart and soul into his songwriting it is obvious. These artists have something to share with the world and hope their music will make this planet a better place. Our friend Campfire Bob is one such songwriter and human. 

The singer/songwriter from the Pacific Northwest has spent his life traveling the world and taking in all it has to offer. Unfortunately, Campfire Bob has seen some of the dark side of the world too. His mission is to try and save our earth and shine a positive light on those souls willing to stand alongside him. A few months ago we did a feature on his single “Songs Of Healing” to set the tone for what he is all about. 

While sailing the Northwest Passage in the Arctic, Campfire Bob witnessed results of climate change right before his eyes. This shifted his understanding of the world and his place in it. His new single “Walk The Land” is a song that reflects this shift. We walk this earth together, there is no hiding from climate change. 

“Walk The Land” is the first of a trilogy of singles scheduled for release this year by Campfire Bob. The songs will explore how we relate with nature and community, how we celebrate meaning and love, and how community with nature helps us heal. There is a meaning that needs to be shared and Bob is at the forefront trying to make the world a better place.

The acoustic strumming background welcomes the listener in with a warm feel while the lyrics sit up front to keep the attention fixed on the focus. The sonic space is filled with some keyboards and harmonica to flesh out the cozy feel of the track. 

As we mentioned, Campfire Bob is more than just music. Part of the work he does now is presenting workshops to help prepare children for a future of climate change challenges. What we work together toward today will make the world a better place tomorrow. 

You can read more about his WORKSHOP and feel free to use it and share it to help further the cause.

Keep up with more music and videos by Campfire Bob on YOUTUBE.

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