Charlie Leavy – Emotional Singer Songwriter Knows The Art Of Live Performance

The art of the live concert performance seems to be slipping away sometimes.  There is nothing better than seeing an artist play live with emotion and providing a full concert experience.  Our latest find Charlie Leavy is a true performer and loves to get out there and play in front of a crowd.  In fact her goal is to play 52 gigs in 2014.

Charlie Leavy

Even more impressive, the Oxfordshire based singer/songwriter is only 17 years old.  Her voice is warm and enticing and brings in influences from folk, blues, and even some country music.  Just Charlie Leavy and her acoustic guitar are able to captivate an audience with upbeat songs that demand attention.

The latest offering from this young talent is The Best Damn RIde EP.  The 5 track record (with 2 additional bonus live tracks) hits the mark for anyone that loves the simple energy of a girl and her guitar.  The production of the record adds the other elements to take Charlie’s music to the next level of pop music.  A great example is the opener “The Way Life Is” with its big background sound and studio effects to put her on center stage like she belongs.  On “Tongue Tied” the production is scaled back to let the clever songwriting and guitar skills of Charlie Leavy shine through.  The standout track for me is “Summer’s Day Runaway”.  The catchy train rolling along  drumbeat pushes the song forward as the lyrics are delivered with a sense of emotion not seen too much today.  The wall of sound behind Charlie creates a full experience of music.

A full website is on the way but in the meantime you can enjoy some Charlie Leavy music at:

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