Christian Parker Takes Flight With his Byrds tribute ‘Change Is Now’

Strap yourselves in for a roots rock revival. Our friend Christian Parker puts aside his usual singer-songwriter fare and dives headfirst into all the jangly glory of The Byrds on his latest album, Change is Now: A Tribute to The Byrds. Forget nostalgia acts churning out tired covers – Parker breathes new fire into these 60s gems, delivering a collection that feels fresh, authentic, and undeniably fun.

Christian Parker has been creating quality music for quite a while now. His passion for brightening up his listeners day even through some often dark themes has never wavered. Now almost 4 decades into his musical creativity, his talent is undeniable. This turn into showing off one of his strongest influences allows us to get to know him even better.

This new album is a well-curated journey through The Byrds’ kaleidoscope of sound through their storied career. Right from the opening title track “Change is Now,” he avoids being a mere copycat of what the Byrds provided us. Christian Parker brings his own interpretive touches to the table.  His vocals are powerful and expressive, and the band provides tight, nuanced instrumentation to fill your speakers with joy.

We also get the shimmering 12-string jangle of “Ballad of Easy Rider,” a faithful yet feisty rendition that would make Roger McGuinn himself nod in approval.  “Chimes of Freedom” maintains the original’s protest spirit. Christian Parker’s vocals soar over a bed of swirling guitars and tight harmonies.

Get A Breath of Christian Parker on ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’

But Christian Parker isn’t afraid to stretch his ‘wings’ (see what I did there, lol).  “Wild Mountain Thyme” gets a folkier treatment. His acoustic guitar weaving a Celtic spell, while “Farther Along” leans on gospel influences, the lush strings adding a touch of grandeur. It’s a testament to Parker’s songwriting chops that these reimaginings feel organic, not forced.

Production-wise, the album is top-notch. The beautiful guitars shimmer and chime, the bass thumps with purpose, and the drums keep things lively.  Special shout-out to the vocal harmonies, which are tight and pitch-perfect, capturing that quintessential Byrds sound.

Change is Now acts as a love letter to some of the music that helped shaped the long career of Christian Parker. And it is a damn good one.  It’s a passionate and infectious celebration of a legendary band, reminding us why The Byrds’ music continues to resonate decades later.  Whether you’re a die-hard Byrds fan or just digging some rootsy Americana with a psychedelic twist, this album deserves a spin (or ten) on your headphones.

Dive deeper into all that is Christian Parker on his website HERE.

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