Cinch Audio Recorder – The New Cassette Mixtape Recorder?

We all love Spotify and all the other streaming services and online radio stations to get access to our favorite music. Sometimes though these services can be difficult for us. Whether it be the lack of a good wifi signal interrupting our music or the increasing amount of advertisements these services are being forced to insert between each song.


Back in the day, we would sit by our stereo with a cassette recorder ready to record our favorite songs as they were played on mainstream radio. This has become a lost art in the digital age. We recently came across the Cinch Audio Recorder that promises to bring back this lost art of our childhood


Cinch is a software program which enables you to download the songs off of Spotify,  AOL Music,, etc. in lossless quality into MP3 format (320kbp/s). According to Cinch, the recorder is 100% legal to use. It allows you to record your favorite tracks legally from these music streaming stations for free for personal use.


It seems incredibly simple as well. All you have to do is click the “Record” button and the rest of the audio recording process will be done automatically. Every song you download will also automatically get the ID3 tags as well. Song title, artist, and album info will be there already.


Another feature is that the Cinch recorder is capable of intelligently filtering out all the ads that are played during the recording process. All you have to do is set the settings and rest will be done automatically. A recorded list of your favorite tracks will be ready for you.


It seems that Getitreview has had some positive feedback on Cinch Audio Recorder as well. Upon diving in myself, everything looks pretty easy to use. Now let me get to work and make song great mixtapes to share for the rest of the summer.


Check it out for yourself at

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