CMB Project – Transforming Space Into Song

Musical inspiration can come from anywhere, even out of this world.  When you let your mind remain open to all the stimuli floating around out there great sounds can enter it to be transformed into music that is unique and all your own.  Our latest find CMB Project is out there creating new mixtures of sound consciousness for us.

The musical duo (now with the arranger/producer Luciano Zella) was formed in Firenze, Italy by Michele Ermini and Lamberto Salucco.  The name of CMB Project comes from the “Cosmic Microwave Background” which is the radiation left over from the Big Bang that created our world.  The band seems to be a little out there but they take impact of astrophysics and space and transform it to music for our ears.

The latest track by CMB Project is “Supervoid”.  The spacey dance song creates a trance like effect with its repetitive beat and echoing effects that play games with your mind.  The lyrics poke at your brain as well filling it with images.  The group helps with those images by releasing a music video to go along with the song.  Enjoy it below:


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