Connor O’Brien – Natural Born Talent Leads To Impressive Pop Rock Album

With a talent and the right training in music, many doors can open.  It is not an easy road and there are many directions you can take your career but having options will always make it easier.  Our latest find Connor O’Brien has used his talents to do things that very few of us will ever get to even dream about.

connor obrien

His career began at a young age when Connor started studying classical violin at age 5.  He pursued music with a passion throughout his school years and was accepted at all nine collegiate conservatory and theater programs he applied for after high school.  His decision to leave the violin behind and focus on vocal performing led him to attend at the prestigious Eastman School of Music in New York (U. S. News and World Report ranked #1 Music Conservatory in America 2010, 2011, 2012).  Perfecting his talents led Connor O’Brien to achieve some amazing goals including performing as a featured soloist with many symphony orchestras, leading roles in multiple theater performances, and touring nationally with the likes of Ashlee Simpson, Huey Lewis and The News, Hall & Oates, and Mariah Carey.  He is also no stranger to writing and performing original music earning himself a #1 hit in France with lead single ‘Inside Out’ off his debut record.

The last solo album released by Connor O’Brien was the underappreciated Prizefighter.  It is a 10 track record of impressive pop/rock songs that has had some strong radio play in the Midwest market.  Most of the songs were written, or co-written, by O’Brien and he controlled every aspect of putting this record together from recording, producing, mixing, and engineering it himself. In fact he did all the artwork for it too.  Lead single ‘Bobby And Me’ is a feel good rock song with a driving beat to push it along.  I good see this song blasting out of a car cruising along the main drag in Anytown, USA.  Connor shows that he has the vocal range to explore many different styles, most evident in the piano ballad ‘Blue Room’.  He lets you focus on the poignant lyrics here.  The song ‘Customize’ jumped out at me for its raw rock energy and commanding presence.  I later found out this song was originally written for The Discovery Channel’s “The Kustomizer” reality series, a perfect fit.  On the closing track ‘Inside Out’, Connor again impresses me with his voice aided only by an acoustic piano.  The vocals seem very sweet and touching.  The theatrical training is very evident here.

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