Convey – Taking Time To Perfect Their Sound

There are far too many bands today that get together haphazardly and put out some music online too quickly.  The power of easy and cheap home recording has made this possible.  The problem is that these songs never had the time to have the bands play them hundreds of times and develop an original sound.  

On the contrary, our new find Convey has been together working on their music for years before finally putting out their official debut.

The band began back in 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Convey decided to make a big move to an even bigger rock star town when they came to Los Angeles, California to fully pursue their dream.  The band is made up of Ben Cohen, Jahan Rajabi,and Cory Jurkiewicz.  Together they pump out a fresh brand of progressive post-rock that has influences from such bands as Muse, Queens of The Stone Age, and Circa Survive.  

Convey Finally Releases Debut


Even though it has been 7 years since Convey first formed, they put in the hard work and now have their first official release with the song “Nothing But A Love Song”.  The raw drums at the open transform into a full sonic explosion before long.  The production is top notch here.  The vocals are very powerful and draw the listener into the story.  The guitars are played with true skill keeping you guessing where the song will go next.  

We expect big things coming from Convey soon.  They have promised us a new single next month that we are very much looking forward to.  Keep up with them for yourself at:  

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