The Cosmic Complexities Behind Cosmic Knot’s ‘Round and Round’

Round and Round, the debut release from Cosmic Knot, beholds a world of complexities about a world of complexities. Shifting as the seasons do, this record encapsulates a multitude of feelings and rhythms that bring together a single vision.


The goal of Round and Round is to promote light that lies even in the darkest times. Even so, the album starts off with a chill that matches winter. “Round and Round” itself is a 7 minute devotion to melancholy melodies and mystifying mixes held together by a single, rampant vocalization. The song then melts like the frost into “In The Breath of Time,” which seems like a partner to the opening. A shorter notion to the elongated and regal sounds.


However, as the first two tracks drip away, leaving their pulsating synth behind, giving a strong indie vibe, trumpets take their place.

“Like A Gypsy” is the first glimpse into spring and summer. Cosmic Knot explains that since the album shifts to mirror seasons, the differences within the album are comparable. The brass hidden within the album shows its face fully in the third track. As a whole, the song is powerful, a true standout. Vocals are strong and intentional, just as the arrival of full trees and the sun’s rays.


Also inspired by heavy life events, Round and Round offers a sense of clarity. The slow demeanor of most of the songs paired by brass and R&B influences trace this. The heavenly sounds of “Why Don’t You” play upon the gospel, having organs and large vocal qualities. To me, it’s the album’s most peaceful time.


This being followed by “Ignite the Light,” the first and only guitar-driven track. This tune reminds me of a race track, it’s masculine at its core and has that sort of country rock and roll sound. Cool points note to how the song is still slow, to match the pacing of the rest of the album.


This record comes after a huge revelation of the band, realizations and transcendence into peace and light. The entire album is certainly a devotion to large events, spiritual and physical. I’d recommend it to those looking to listen to something that’ll assist in a similar spiritual journey.

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