Cut – Still Trying To Get “High”

There is still a thriving underground market for music, especially in the hip hop game.  The people leading this charge know how to make the connections needed and get into the right places.  This hard working hustle can be seen in the rising career of Cut.

The hip hop artist hails from New Orleans, Louisiana.   The childhood of Cut was not an easy one.  He grew up in the rough St. Bernard Housing Projects suffering from issues such as poverty, drugs, and violence.  These things became inspiration for Cut’s music personalizing his sound and attitude.  His way of combining urban and hip hop genres brings to mind some influences like 2Pac and Juvenile.  The hustling began back in 2007 when he sold 60,000 copies of his debut album Mother Nature on the black market.  Since then he has released 4 mixtapes and worked with other big artists such as Snoop Dogg.

Get Ready For More Cut

Now a full-length album called Years Later is on the way.  The lead single “High” has already hit the street.  The track creates that smokey smooth Cut feel right from the start.  The lyrics come powerful as Cut lets it all flow sharing his past experience and where he aims for the future.  The hook will get any head bopping along.  The different vocal deliveries will keep the listener guessing what comes next throughout the song.  

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