Dare To Follow The Vare Into “Spot Dark”

“Spot Dark” is a song to listen to on all occasions, full of great beats and relatable lyrics. The masterminds behind the song are Montreal natives Mikey Desjardins and Lucas Liberatore. The two began writing music in 2013 and haven’t stopped. Since then, they’ve opened for bands such as Sam Roberts and AWOLnation. Desjardins, on vocals, guitar, and drums, along with co-band member Libertore, on guitar bass and piano, have delved deep into not one, but multiple genres. This makes sense, as their musical influences range from Bon Iver to Kanye West to James Blake to Kendrick Lamar.

The Vare will soon become your new favorite electro-r&b duo once you hear their newest single, “Spot Dark.”

The group has come a long way since they began. The Vare originally focused on becoming an indie-rock band, but their newest endeavors led them to the realization that they vibe better in the electro-r&b groove, while still keeping their many influences. Expressing themselves through the influences of rock, hip-hop, r&b, electro, and much more, The Vare has a lot to offer its listeners when it comes to the full musical experience of an album. They gracefully span across multiple genres, “tak[ing] hints from each [genre] to produce a unique yet palatable and accessible sound to their audience.” The Vare’s “Spot Dark” does just that.


The Vare — Spot Dark by The Vare

The Vare showcases their smooth vocal and multi-instrumental talent in “Spot Dark.”

“Spot Dark” is their newest release which will be featured on their upcoming EP, Shapes, set to release this summer. The catchy tune begins with deep, powerful electric beat pulses. Although “Spot Dark” sounds like a chill song after the first listen, it’s production is complex. In addition to the two members natural, raw musical talent, The Vare also made great use of a digital audio workstation. They made wonderful use of reverb, voice layering, and more that anyone can enjoy, whether they understand the creative effort that went into the tune or not.

“Spot Dark”  is composed of beautifully smooth vocals that tug at the heartstrings, making us hang onto Desjardins’ every word. The lyrics are about “feeling inadequate with the fear of being seen in your true light,” the duo said in a press release. Desjardins’ lyrics question out loud what we’ve all been thinking at some point in our lives. The phrases  “how open should I be? How candid should I seem?” resonate as words we’ve all wondered before. He also sings “lay my head down, it falls just too far and gets stepped on,” symbolically representing a struggle between being yourself and trusting others to see you that way.

The Vare shows true emotion and pleasingly creative musical talent in “Spot Dark.” Stay tuned for the release of their upcoming EP titled Shapes.

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