Darnel Lets Us Into His Heart On Self-Titled EP

I continue to stand by my mantra that the best music comes out of mental anguish. An artist must be willing to share their personal stories no matter how much they were hurt. This openness connects the artist with the listener as we can all relate to the hurt. Our recent discovery Darnel has learned this lesson and is ready to share his stories through his latest music. 

The American rapper, singer, songwriter, bodybuilder, and entrepreneur has always had the drive and motivation needed to find success in whatever he puts his mind to. Born as Xavier Darnel Singletary, he decided to take his middle name as his artist moniker to share life through music. Darnel has been writing music since the age of 6. He finds that writing lyrics allows him to put his thoughts to paper and in the process keeps him sane. 

On his 25th birthday, Darnel released his self titled EP Darnel. The 6 track record dives deep into his heart and soul and shares his heartbreaks and heartaches. Making this album has let him put these struggles in the past and move forward as a better person.

The opener “Darnel” sets the tone immediately with an open book style letting the listeners into the darkness inside his head. The flow is deep and sits on top of an atmospheric background that lets us all focus on the story. 

“Drunk Texting” is another one we can all put ourselves in the middle of. Darnel is able to put all the thoughts that go through our minds into his vocals. The alternative/hip hop beats continue to mesmerize. The beats pick up a little on “Write My Wrongs” but the emotion remains. Darnel has found his way to meld with our brains. Are these stories his or ours? He says the things that we don’t want to say out loud on “Stay With Me” and “Pray”. Seems strange to say but it is fortunate there are only 6 songs here because I am not sure our hearts can take much more emotion. But as he says “This is Darnel” and this is also us.

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