Dav!d&Clara – The Development OF Man And Music Making Machine

When a man has a passion for something great things can be accomplished.  It is not necessary to have an ingrown skill or talent.  If true passion is there these things can be learned and you will enjoy the ride.  When inspiration kicks you in the pants take notice and drive towards what feels right.  Our friends of the project Dav!d&Clara are a great example of this.

Dav!d & Clara

The mind behind the project is David Castillo.  His partner Clara is actually his computer.  Together they create an assortment of sound that he describes as electronic industrial.  The spark that started the inspiration was actually Gwen Stefani’s solo single “What Are You Waiting For?”  From there David knew he wanted to make music.  Guitar and piano did not really click but when he discovered the joys of musical computer programs he was hooked.  The result is dark. raw, and intriguing.

The next album by Dav!d&Clara is set for release on Valentine’s Day.  The title is the fitting Adventures In Love, Lust, And Life.  Indie Band Guru was able to get an advance listen to the 8 track record.  The innovative style of the last record H/U/M/A/N is taken to new heights.  Album opener “Blush” mixes a very pop friendly 80’s lyrical sound with the grinding industrial sounds that have become the D&C trademark.  The slow build of “Glam” is dark but somehow turns into a song that could fit in the background of a cheesy 80’s movie.  These songs are deep.  “Pure” lets the vocals take the forefront with a steady yet minimalistic beat with some computer cacophony thrown in to industrialize it.  The dark tone stays ever-present through the closer “Starcrossed”.  The mix of noises combine to form a gloomy yet beautiful piece.  Go get some samples at: and keep an eye out for the new album.

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