Dave Vargo Shows Us The “Fault Lines”

Finally we are coming out of the covid chaos of the past year and a half. Many artists led the troubles of the music industry get to them and basically shut down. Others, like our friend Dave Vargo, used the time to focus on connecting with his audience and writing new songs. 

The well-traveled New Jersey based singer-songwriter has been in the music industry for quite a while. Dave Vargo spent years as a sideman for such talents as Whitney Houston and Phoebe Snow. After a successful solo album release in 2019, he was ready to go back to the studio in March 2020 to start recording the followup but those plans got pandemically postponed. 

Dave Vargo was forced to shift gears. To keep in front of his fans, he launched “2 For Tuesday” – a weekly mini-show where he and a special guest would play two tunes a week “to honor everyone’s short attention span.” The fanbase kept growing and was ready and eager for his return. Live gigs have since returned at restaurants, breweries and wineries in New Jersey and a string of shows in Nashville hotspots.

In preparation for his upcoming album, Dave Vargo has released the new single “Fault Lines.” It is a passionate ballad inspired by his experiences in Nashville several years ago. Vargo says. “I learned that no matter where you are in your career, it’s a super tough town with performers whose talent is beyond what I’m usually surrounded with.” 

The slow and atmospheric sound lays down a perfect backdrop. The vocals of Dave Vargo pour out with real emotion that can be truly felt through the speakers.  Guitars seems to gently weep as sounds come from multiple angles. This is a perfect song to just lay back and let wash over you in relaxation while thoughts float through your head.

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