Decadent Heroes – Impressive Instrumental Guitar EP With Soul

Solo instrumental albums have become rare in the current state of music.  The beauty of just instruments without the use of vocals to lead a song along can be inspiring.  Our latest find knows just how to do this.

We were recently introduced to ‘Shades Of Light’, the second EP from the solo project of former guitarist of Smokin’ Steps and Plastic Ash who now does by the moniker Decadent Heroes.  The band is based in Pescara, Italy, but appeals on world stage.

Decadent Heroes

The 5 track EP ” Shades Of Light” includes 3 original songs and 2 re-mastered tracks from a  previous release.

  1. Smoke in the Air: This EP opens with the platinum, Uplaya Auddy Award winning track. This is the beginning and anticipation to the experience ahead. This track feels like it is going to be story driven journey.

  1. Shades of Light:  This Gold considered track opens with drums and proceeds with melodic Electric Guitar. It gives a certain feel and notion of a bright day and ability to look towards the future, standing in shadows, with possibilities of new possibilities. It has a hook that hooks!

  1. Ares Era: Also reached platinum status according to Hitmaker, this track has a noir and mystical feel to it. There are some stagnant movements within which actually urge to have more of listen, like the story of a protagonist, where he struggles to get through the bad patch. Nice drums and rhythm with retro flavor.

Further this EP is followed by re-mastered versions of:

  1. Flying High: This track has classy ambient touch. Like moving toward resolution and maturity in listening affair.

  1. Morning Break: The beginning of the end surprisingly hails winning glory. Like a new day everything has changed.

These tracks are may be instrumental solos, but do leave listener to abstract expressionism, It satisfies with a sense of a little story telling around it! The leads are so strong that it conveys conventionally, a passionate conversation.  It makes sense to include re mastered tracks from Decadent Hero’s previous EP to complete the structure and balancing the equation.

Overall ‘Shades Of Light’ is a good melodic – rock Experience. It is rare that electric rock successfully touches the softer side of expressions. Solo is indeed soul of Decadent Hero!

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