Derek Frank Shares His ‘Origin Story’

The music business is much bigger than most people realize. There are so many talented musicians that play on the biggest records and on the biggest stages…… that go practically unnoticed. The happy life of the touring/studio musician. It is often a comfortable career doing what you do best. Playing music. But even after years of enjoying this life, there is often some personal music that still needs to be shared with the world. The talented Derek Frank just released a solo record sharing his Origin Story.

As a well respected touring and studio bassist from Los Angeles, California, Derek Frank has been in high demand for years now. He has had the opportunity to play with such stars as Gwen Stefani, Shania Twain, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, Air Supply, Palaye Royale and a host of others. These experiences have given Derek true motivation and connections to some of the most talented players in the business. 

For his new solo record Origin Story, Derek Frank was able to secure a who’s who to fill out his quintet. The band features guitarist Joshua Ray Gooch (Derek’s longtime bandmate with Shania Twain), keyboardist Carey Frank (Social Distortion, Tedeschi Trucks Band), drummer Randy Cooke (Smashmouth, Brit Floyd), and percussionist Demian Arriaga (Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers). Also joining the party is keyboardist Matt Rohde (Jane’s Addiction, The Chicks), guitarist Anthony King (Buffy Sainte-Marie), The Fat City Horns, and guitarist Brent Mason, widely-regarded as one to the top 10 session guitarists of all time. 

The Origin Story album is an instrumental homage to his roots growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It opens with the 70’s groove inspired “Demon On Wheels.” A track to get the listener ready for a fun and immersive ride. The talent of all the musicians is undeniable, especially the added touch of The Fat City Horns.

Hear the talent of Derek Frank on “The Yinzer”

On “Theme From Steel City” we see Derek Frank lead with his impeccable bass grooves. More and more layers of sound are added to the track to fill out the feel. The calm yet building vibe creeps deep into your soul. I challenge you to not be bopping your head along by the end. The talent shines through on “The Yinzer” as well with percolating 16th notes pumping up the energy. These grooves bring the funk.

There is more of a fusion feel on “Paperboy Blues” as guitar grooves and exotic percussion opens up a more experimental world. Noise comes from every angle to capture you in the music. Big room speakers recommended. The album closes with the all out speed and power of “I Know A Little.” Jazz and Blues tones lead the way but everything comes together for an all out jam any musician would love to be a part of. Just a real fun song. 

Origin Story is truly a record for any musician or lover of the beautiful sounds that a group of superb musicians can put together. If you are one of those (and you probably are if you are reading this) keep up with more from Derek Frank on his WEBSITE.

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