Dici Goes “Left to Right”

In Dici’s music, there’s no denying that going deeper than the status quo in hip-hop calls for comes standard. There’s always something just a little more brooding about his narratives, something a touch more personal than we’re expecting, but if you think this means he can’t cut loose once in a while, his new single “Left to Right” and its pumped-up music video is going to set you straight.

Dici is a rapper who likes to have fun like the rest of us, and his latest release is finally showing us the lighter side of his sound; with quite the marvelous results, I should add.

Dici isn’t nearly as reliant on the beat in “Left to Right” as he has been in the last few songs I’ve heard out of his camp, but he really doesn’t have to be. There’s enough energy sourced just from his lyrical execution to compensate for the relatively downplayed swing in the percussion, and I think that his leaving a bit of tension unutilized on the backend of the mix only makes the potential for future club cuts of this same song all the stronger. It’s good to be flexible, and if there’s one artist who benefits from this fact, it’s this guy.

One of the first things that attracted me to the music Dici makes is his confidence. No matter what stage of the game we’ve heard him at, he’s always got this trademark swagger that seems to permeate everything he says to the audience as if he knows that what he’s saying isn’t just truth but commentary we as listeners have to hear. This is one element that hasn’t changed in “Left to Right,” and I think it’s actually just a bit more potent thanks to the loose arrangement of the instrumentation he’s working with.

Unlike a lot of the artists in and outside of his storied scene, Dici’s music does not sound like something that fits in with a slew of artists in the same genre or sharing the same area code. While he’s been adept at repping the Miami underground in some capacities, there’s no confusing what “Left to Right” is made of for what someone else in the southeast has been making in the studio lately, and it’s reasons like this that I believe we’re going to be hearing a lot more successful and alluring content from Dici as the decade presses on.

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