DJ Super Will – Mix Of Talents Adds Volumes To Hip Hop Sound

Some music scenes around the country are very helpful and support each other as they rise up together.  Other scenes are very crowded and can become kind of cutthroat as each artist struggles to survive and rise above.  One artist that seems to be rising above is our recent find DJ Super Will.


Detroit has been that kind of crowded scene that has been tough to survive in.  DJ Super Will is a DJ and Producer that works extremely hard to set himself apart.  He started composing and producing as a hobby during high school. Will began mixing music in 2009 for college parties; venturing into private events, bars, night clubs soon after.  Along the way DJ Super Will made some great contacts and is now producing several top Hip-Hop and R&B artists from the metro Detroit area.  He specializes in mixing, remixing and producing sounds that combine the  Hip-Hop, Dubstep and Electro-House genres.

DJ Super Will seems to be releasing new music every week on his Soundcloud page at .  We recently dove into some of the recent recordings.  Right from the first listen you know there is musical influences coming from all over.  There is a a new wave edit of Smokey Robinson’s soul classic “Tears Of A Clown” that brings the modern dance floor sound to the track.  The last full length project is the hip hop record No Feelings.  The 13 track album shows off the energy that DJ Super Will can add to the rap sound.  On “Bugatti” he adds his electro touch while letting the vocals still be center stage. A good producer never gets in the way of the song.  “Go Get It” fills the speakers with sound as the straight forward beat pushes the feel of the track along.  The minimalistic start of “Boom Bang” builds up throughout adding sound that seemingly comes at the listener from all angles.

Keep up with DJ Super Will at:

twitter/IG: @djsuperwill

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