Teck-Zilla Talks Breakdancing In New EP “B-Boy Zilla”

Teck-Zilla recently released an EP specifically designed to be listened to while b-boying, a.k.a breakdancing. He got the idea to create EP B-Boy Zilla after being selected as the official DJ for this year’s Red Bull-sponsored “Battle of the Year” competition in Nigeria for breakdancers.The Nigerian-born DJ and producer was tasked with combining Afro and EDM elements, which is exactly what he did. In addition, Teck-Zilla’s style of music in the EP was heavily inspired by famed Florida turntablist, DJ Chief.

Last Minute? No Problem for Teck-Zilla

Surprisingly enough, Teck actually created B-Boy Zilla at the very last minute. The night before the Red Bull event, Teck delved into his vast collection of b-boy beats. Along with some research on breakdancing music, he created the 7-track album in only one evening.

The amount of time put into creating the EP definitely does not reflect the quality of the product, though. Each track is full of energy and hype beats to inspire people to channel their inner breakdancer. Teck used his producing talent to mix Victoria Kimani’s “Mtoto” into “Mtoto B-Boy”, a fast-paced dance track. Similarly, he cleverly transformed Davido’s “Skelewu” into his own original “Skelewu B-Boys” for the EP.

Teck furthermore shows his talent of mixing and knowledge of breakdance music from past era’s through his combination of “Nothing But JB B-Boys” and “Sound Of The Beast”, encompassing absolute hip-hop form and good vibes.

B-Boy Zilla (A B-Boy Breaks EP) by Teck-Zilla


Teck-Zilla has a long history in the music scene. He is based in Montreal now and has been everything from an emcee, beatmaker, producer, DJ, to writer. He’s also a founding member of the hip-hop group “Str8Buttah” with members in the UK and Nigeria. After moving to Canada, Teck began working with emcees from not only Montreal, but also Nigeria, USA, Kazakhstan, other Canadian cities, and more. His previous work includes the critically acclaimed “Full Script” mixtape with Zambian hop-hop group ZoneFam and the “Brand New Masquerade” with London-based emcee and Str8Buttah member Mister Rae, among many others. Teck has involved himself in music in a plethora of ways, and is only expanding from here, so stay tuned for his next big move.

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