Dylan McGuire – Talented Songwriter Brings Early 2000’s Energy Back To The Forefront

The key to writing a good song is capturing the attention of the listener right from the first notes and keeping the changes fresh enough to keep them interested throughout the full song. Some of the newer pop music out there lately has gotten so repetitive and overproduced that it all starts to sound the same. We recently discovered Dylan McGuire who brings back high energy original pop-rock back to the forefront to peak our interest.

The Philadelphia based songwriter has been pushing out memorable alternative pop rock since the early 2000’s with his band Broken Jones. Now on his own Dylan McGuire is keeping with his personal goal of putting out songs that capture the attention of even the casual listener. He is a talented guitar player who writes hook laden guitar driven music reminiscent of an earlier time of intelligent music by artists such as Elvis Costello, REM, and U2.
The latest album by Dylan McGuire is the strong Gravity (Or Lack Thereof). The 11 track record shows the workings of a true musician who knows how to use all his skills to get inside your head. The opener “Sunny And 71” grabs the listener right from the first notes with a playful U2 friendly guitar sound and a full soundscape of noise attacking your ears from every angle. The vocals will wedge themselves squarely inside your brain and be repeated way after the song is over. “Circus Friend” is a throwback to the late 90’s/early 2000’s alt-rock sound that went mainstream. Guitars dance around the strong vocals making for a perfect song for cruising down the highway. Dylan shows he can also pen an anthemic rock song with “Wear It On Your Sleeve”. The tracks builds throughout to a roaring chorus that will be sung along at concerts. A harder raw sound is shown on “Parking Lot” and “Chicago”. This is an album that covers all the bases of how an album used to sound and should sound again. Go get a taste of Dylan McGuire’s music for yourself at:

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