Falling In Love With ‘Ruthless’

‘Ruthless’ is the latest unforgettably catchy, exciting dance-pop phenomenon from up-and-coming music sensation, Bryce Bowyn.

A New Dance-Pop Tune

Bryce Bowyn is an up-and-coming phenomenon in the world of dance-pop. His latest track, “Ruthless,” has all the makings of the next big hit in the clubs once they begin to reopen. When a deeply catchy beat, “Ruthless” is the perfect song to get lost in on the dance floor. 

Bowyn’s style is likely to entice fans of all generations and genre interests. Fans of the dance-pop artist Robyn are especially likely to enjoy Bowyn’s work. However, what truly makes this track truly special is the audio artistry that comes along with it. 

You can listen to “Ruthless” below

There is not a single note that feels out of place or misused. Bowyn’s voice meshes expertly with his electric sound. Despite his relatively new position in dance-pop music, Bowyn has shown that he can compete with the powerhouse players in the music business. 

The other intriguing side of “Ruthless” comes from the meshing of the upbeat melody with the edgy lyrics. This track tells the story of an unhealthy relationship in which two partners are actively hurting one another. 

The protagonist makes it clear that his lover has broken it off with him one too many times, and he decides to get back at him. He resolves to leave him before he can be left again. He even takes pleasure in watching his partner suffer and seems to be delighted to have been the cause of it. 

This is a surprisingly dark turn for such a snappy tune to take. However, it is handled with incredible finesse and style. Listening to “Ruthless” never makes the listener feel uncomfortable or cruel. Instead, the listener walks away feeling a sense of bizarre catharsis. This is the kind of tune that can be heard over and over and be just as exciting as it was the first time you hear it. 

“Ruthless,” by Bryce Bowyn, is currently available to listen to and stream. 

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