Steve Braun Teaches As He ‘Answers Floating Questions’

Music is an outlet. Many artists use their songs to share their thoughts and feelings in an open way for all listeners to absorb in their own way. No need to be direct with any one person or cater your tone to them. Write from your heart and the fans will appreciate your message. Our recent discovery Steve Braun makes a point of this with his debut record Answers Floating Questions.

The New Jersey based songwriter crafts his own unique style built on classic rock and country but taken to a modern age. Steve Braun puts his experiences growing up in the busy New York City and New Jersey lifestyle into what he writes. He sees his music as a medium to share his thoughts about the world and where it may be headed. 

March 19th of 2021 saw the debut release from Steve Braun titled Answers Floating Questions. The 7 track record was recorded at the well known Shorefire Recording Studios in Long Branch, NJ. Steve brought in the talents of Matt O’Ree and Steve Holley to flesh out the full sound. The opening of “Resolution” starts it off with a big back and forth beat that proves this is going to be an all-in album. The title track “Answers Floating Questions” highlights the lyrical style and vocal tone of Steve Braun. There is a story here that draws the listener in for a closer look. 

Steve Braun Jams on ‘Some Things Weren’t Meant To Be Shared’

That classic NJ blues rock sound comes to the front on “Some Things Weren’t Meant To Be Shared.” Memories of the packed music hangouts of Asbury Park come back to me. The song has that jam session feel of everyone jumping in and joining in on the fun. Group vocals, piano pounding away, guitar solos, and even some harmonica. Good times. 

We dive further south with the country-tinged “Trust In Me.” The pepped up pace drives along with a mesh of sounds coming from all over the spectrum. Somehow they all come together in a well produced product. Steve Braun lets us slow down a little with the emotional “Change My Life”. There is still plenty of energy here but we can bop our heads a little slower as we feel the love story evolve.

The album closes with “Miracles of Life” which seems to tie it all together with genres blending to form a smoothed out track combining all we have experienced through the record so far. Raw emotion, passionate energy, and melodies that will dance in your head for quite a while.

Keep up with more from Steve Braun on his WEBSITE.

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