“Falling Up” With Dean Lewis

One of my favorite things about music is when an artist is able to connect with their fans on a powerful level through their music. When they are able to create a song that’s lyrics are extremely relatable to their fans and speaks to their souls, a beautiful connection has been made. That is what Dean Lewis’s new single “Falling Up” is all about.

Dean Lewis is a multi-platinum singer/songwriter from Sydney, Australia. His album A Place We Knew (2019) hit number 18 on the Billboard Top 200 in the USA and was in the Top 5 Billboard Pop Album. Lewis is no stranger to success. He kicked his career off with his debut single “Waves” which went 7x certified platinum in Australia. And if that wasn’t enough his single “Be Alright” was streamed over 4.8 billion times around the world.

It’s clear that Lewis is well loved by fans. He has a unique way of combining his incredible talents with lyrics that connect so deeply to listeners. Maintaining his relatability “Falling Up” hits home for so many of us. We have all gone through feelings of isolation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Lewis channels into those feelings perfectly within this track.

 “Falling Up” speaks to the loneliness and claustrophobia that can be relatable to the current pandemic. But it also speaks to frustration, anxiety, and the struggle to be truly content in life. 

Watch the music video for “Falling Up” Below:

After listening to “Falling Up” a few times, I am in love with it. The lyrics “I’m alone in the spotlight / And the walls are caving in / And I thought I’d be happy / But I’m barely breathing” really stuck out to me. These words really paint a picture of the frustration, anxiety, and isolation that we’ve all felt lately. The track is both relatable and addicting, creating the perfect moment for fans. And I, for one, will be screaming the chorus at the top of my lungs for weeks to come.

Dean Lewis About “Falling Up” :

“I always thought I would be happy when I finished school or when I passed an exam, or I got a job or a promotion or if I went travelling and then I was like – ‘ooh, now I have a record deal, what if I have a big song? Then, I had a big song, and I was on the road for three years and when I stopped, I realized it had all passed me by and I was actually less present and more anxious and stressed than ever. I looked back on my life and at all of these points along the way and I realized that I’ve never felt any better, it’s always been onto the next thing, always moving.”

“Those lyrics are about being online and focusing on that one negative comment in a sea of good,” Lewis explains. “You feel the negativity and it affects your life and I took it on, and I found myself feeling more and more anxious and isolated. I really struggle with that.”

“Falling Up” is more than just a song, it’s a cathartic experience. Be sure to watch the video and let us know what this track makes you feel!

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