The Famous Unknown Share “Greatest Hits”

The dream and enjoyment of playing music never dies.  Even if rock star goals have to be put on hold for a while to focus on surviving in the real world, they will always be just under the surface ready to pop up again at a moment’s notice.  Our recent discovery, The Famous Unknown is proof of this undeniable fact.

The trio from the Southwest Suburban area of Chicago, Illinois is made up of Gary Reyes, Bob Hauck, and Chris Reyes.  Collectively they have over 25 years of stage and studio experience.  The Famous Unknown have been making music together since 2010.  

Bob owns Light Shed Studios.  What seemed to begin as random jam sessions with Gary and Chris turned into something much more as they realized the music they were making was something special.  The band’s influences touch on the peppy tunes of 60’s Brit Pop, Americana, and the storytelling of Folk and Blues.  The songwriting shows what years of experience can build up to.

Recently, The Famous Unknown released their Greatest Hits album to share their talents with the masses.   The record puts out that happy vibe of 3 men doing what they truly enjoy, playing music.  The opener “Without You” shares real emotion in the lyrics as the jangly guitar melody pulls the listener deep into the song.  A more rocking tone is set with “Shake The Ground”.  There is energy here that wakes you up and a groove that will have you bopping along to the ups and downs of the tune.  A guitar solo comes in to show the talent of the band as well.  



The energy continues with a slightly darker vibe on “Canvas”.  The differences between the verse and chorus keep the listener intrigued to see where the song will go next.  The hook is very catchy here with impressive vocal harmonies.  The beauty of Folk and Americana are taken to the next level with “Hesitate”.  This is a real storytellers song as you are taken on a journey with The Famous Unknown to the depths of their soul.  As the pace slows down a little, more and more emotions can be felt.  Where are interesting pieces coming in from all angles as the musicians share everything they have.  It is quite the trip as we experience multiple genres and styles within the song.  

You can hear some more music and follow the band at

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