Fever Moon Opens Up With ‘God’s Heart’

Once the musical muse hits, you must take advantage and write as many songs as you can. This gift comes and goes in most people so strike while the iron is hot. Our friend Fever Moon is doing just that as he releases his latest EP God’s Heart to launch into 2023.

Over the last 15 years Jay Holmes has had a hobby of writing songs and creating home demos. The American born artist kept busy and now lives in Tokyo, Japan. Here is where the hobby seems to have turned to something more. The past few years, the musical bug has returned and Jay’s project Fever Moon was born. The art has been prolific and 2 full length indie rock albums were released in 2022. We covered the album Keepers Park HERE.

Seems like there are no signs of slowing down in 2023. On May 5th Fever Moon released a brand new EP called God’s Heart. For the 6 track record Holmes brought in help from a variety of talented musicians. The title track opener “God’s Heart” starts us off with a bang. Distorted guitars grind away to provide the backdrop for angst-drivin vocals. Full fuzz fills the soundwaves.

Check out ‘God’s Heart’ By Fever Moon

It may have a dark tone to it but “Parasitic Symphony” also has a layer of elegance to it. The steady and slightly simpler beat allows a kind of warmth to sink into the track. “Foolin’” continues this with some atmospheric tones in the background as a more Americana hint sneaks in. Fever Moon can blend genres effortlessly drawing in all types of listeners.

The strong grind and fuzzy guitar tones return on “The Lost Boys.” This one leans into the punk genre with its pounding beat. The vocals seem sweet through to add some interesting cacophony to the song. The record closes with the laid back “If I Lose.” More acoustic in nature, the songwriting of Fever Moon can shine through. This is a man on a multi-genre mission to get his emotions into the world in whatever musical style fits best.

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