Finding the ‘Light’ at the End of the Tunnel

Lyra Star’s newest single, ‘Light’, is one of the most original songs of the year. A mix of pop, folk, and new-age, it is something special.

Premiering A New Single From Lyra Star: “Light”

Few among us can say that 2020 has been an easy year. As it draws to a close, each of us is on the hunt to find something that will help us relax. We all need something that will keep us calm amid all of the turmoil we face. Lyra Star’s “Light” has arrived on the music scene for just that purpose. 

Lyra Star is an artist with a great deal of passion for her sound and music. She has cultivated a very specific brand for herself which no other artist can replicate. Finding someone with this much originality is like finding an oasis in the desert, and she has not disappointed with her newest single. “Light” sees Star’s smooth, powerful vocals at their best. She masterfully creates an entire soundscape that the listener falls into, like surrendering to a dream. 

Listen to “Light” below

Between Fiona Apple and Enya

“Light” is perhaps most comparable to a mix between a Fiona Apple track and an Enya ballad. The single is a perfectly balanced fusion of pop, folk, and new-age. The melody is simultaneously catchy and soothing, a seemingly impossible combination. 

“Light” has a way of blending each instrument together into one interconnected sound. There is not a single misplaced note or sour phrase. Everything that Lyra Star did with this single, she did internationally. As a listener, it is refreshing and captivating to come across a song that flows more like a poem or a painting than the average radio tune. 

In the piece, Star discusses the maddening reality of being in love. The old wisdom ‘you cannot choose who you fall for’ is on full display here, free from any cliches. This is an issue that most can understand and relate to. Lyra Star has a way of making the listener feel as if she is singing directly to them, and “Light” does this with great sincerity. 

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