Frally Reminds Us “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”

There’s something so special about hearing a song you’ve heard a thousand times before completely reimagined. Frally, a cinematic folk artist turned an 80’s classic on it’s head with their rendition of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun (feat. Rufus Wainwright).”

Beautiful and haunting, Frally has taken a completely new direction than the upbeat bop we knew from Cyndi Lauper. Stripped down to it’s bones, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” takes an entirely new meaning with it’s melancholic tone.

It’s hard to bring excitement to a song that’s been done before, especially one as popular as “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” But what Frally has created feels like an entirely new entity. The creativity and poise within this cover have transformed it into something wholly unique.

This track is haunting, leaving you feeling like you’re owed more than what the world has given you. It’s inedible just how much the tone of the song and vocals can completely change the meaning behind the lyrics.

The cover Frally put together is a true testament to their musicianship and the commitment they have to their sound. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” was my introduction to this promising artist and it has me yearning for more from this brilliant mind.

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