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Onism E Is Finding Hope In ‘Survivors’

Onism E has consistently used their music for good over the past year, and their lately album, ‘Survivors’, is no exception.

Onism E premieres Survivors, album out February 19th, 2021

When we seek to comment on the state of the world, we have always looked to music. In particular, punk actively seeks to comment on the difficulties that we face as people.

One band that has consistently used their music to help us through the struggles of this past year has been Onism E. July saw their release, “My America,” take the music scene by storm. The track was an unflinching look at the incredible struggles that many Americans face daily.

Their next hit, “Survivors,” was a more hopeful glimpse into our futures. The newest album, also called Survivors, uses a combination of punk-pop and punk-rock to discuss the pain that so many of us have experienced since the pandemic hit.

The fear and uncertainty have only been amplified by the consistent loneliness that comes with self-isolation. However, what often goes undiscussed are the lingering mental and emotional effects that have been brought about by the pandemic. Survivors has taken on this subject with all the intensity and brilliance that we saw from Onism E overall the past year.

Watch the video for title track, “Survivors” below

The first track on the album, “Stay,” is about the changes that many of us have undergone as a result of Covid-19. The song is refreshingly honest about what it means to go through a rebirth, which can be incredibly painful.

Another track, “Be Strong,” implores the listener to continue, in spite of all the pain we have faced lately. “Be Strong” makes the listener feel heard, perhaps for the first time in a long while.

“Reach” is a stunning reminder that we are all worthy of life, no matter what we feel ourselves. “Reach” is an effort by Onism E to convince their listener that their hopes and desires and not only attainable, but they are also worth fighting for.

Survivors, by Onism E drops today, February 19th, 2021. 

Watch the video for “My America” by Onism E

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