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IBG Premiere – Sean Waterman Gives Us All His ‘Devices’

Any musician should always be trying to further their own sound. Repeating the same thing over and over again becomes stale very quickly. Not only for the musician but also for the fans they may have picked up along the way. Our new friend Sean Waterman has taken a tried a true genre and brought it to the next level.

Music has been a big part of the Brooklyn, NY born artist’s life for a long time. A flyer for music lessons found its way into a fourth graders book bag setting into motion a passion for song. Guitar playing became as important as eating. This paid off in a talent for Sean Waterman that is undeniable. 

After moving to Atlanta, Georgia at age 14, songwriting became a focus. Taking influence from such songwriting legends as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, and Bob Marley. To further his own unique style, Sean Waterman took the acoustic singer-songwriter sound and added layers on top of it. All while still holding onto the heart and soul of the genre.

Today, June 18th, 2021, IndieBandGuru is proud to premiere the newest album by Sean Waterman, Devices. The 9-track record shows off his growth as a songwriter. Right from the opener “Rules”, we can feel the emotion and delicate care he puts into his songwriting. As the song progresses, layers are added to build a full soundscape not found in the genre very often.

Lyric Video for “Rules” by Sean Waterman

This is taken even further on “Bodies” as synth and drum machine layers are added to create a fully encompassing warmth to the song. Paired with the emotional vocal delivery of Sean Waterman pull the listener in even closer. The title track “Devices” takes this even further with an energy-fueled beat bouncing all over the speakers. Reminiscence of the imagination of Radiohead comes to mind here as the song shows off an experimental touch.

The beauty of “Swerve” brings a soft and cozy sound back. We are deep within Sean Waterman’s grasp now. The feelings are there while the sound of multiple instruments encapsulates the room. This vocal emotion is shown off again on “Don’t Let Me Down.” We are drawn into the story, and the mind, of a songwriter unafraid to share what is in there. Be it with his unique flavor.

As we reach the closer “Flatline” the album is wrapped up well with a warm, yet full sound. The slowed-down tempo gives the listener the time to wind down and accept the journey they have just been taken on. Devices is a complete album in this way in a time when singles have become the norm. This is a record that we will be listening to over and over.

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Interview Premiere

IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Joseph Trem

Your music should be inside of you without any restrictions. Do not let genres or current mainstream music define what you write. By being true to your own sound you will produce your best self and therefore your best music. Our recent find Joseph Trem does just that.

Today IndieBandGuru is proud to premiere his latest single “Getaway”

We had the chance to catch up with Joseph Trem and get a little deeper into his music and artistic journey. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, What drives you to create music?

It usually comes from an overwhelming feeling. It could be rushing adrenaline, or anxiety, or feeling dejected. When I have no words, I go to the piano and just start playing shit. Or sometimes I’ll feel inspired by a record I hear and I’ll start making something because I want to give listeners the same feeling that record gave me. For me, it’s best to create music while I’m working through an intense emotion because then I can gain perspective through the process. If the listener hears that, I’ve reached my goal.

How would you describe the Joseph Trem sound?

A combination of nostalgia and allusion with the current moment. My records have throwback elements, yet they are often vignettes of the here and now. ‘Getaway’ sounds like 2008, ‘I Just Wanna Have Some Fun’ sounds like the late 90s and ‘Show Me All Your Moves’ sounds like the early 2000s. My sound is not specific to any decade or year, but it is dedicated to escapism itself.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

Taylor Swift, Prince, Michael Jackson. I love pop rule-breakers. The idea of creating something entirely new, something totally innovative is what drives me and what I will continue to strive for. It’s not always about following trends; it can be about taking trends and twisting them. My music is in it’s early stage right now, so it is highly influenced by these artists. I hope to build upon that and make it my own.

How does a song come together for you? What is your songwriting process?

It’s often a slow process that starts in my backyard and ends in my home studio. Concepts for songs happen randomly for me, so I can be walking around and think of a melody or lyric. If it feels special, I’ll go with it. I construct most songs on the piano, and even as they are tranferred into bigger production I try to maintain the same spirit I felt on the piano. Most songs I make take years to produce because my attention span is zilch, so I get bored with a project easily. But then I’ll go back years later and the magic is recaptured. 

What can you tell us about your newest single “Getaway”?

It’s an upbeat, moody track that sounds like late 2000s, early 2010s pop. It was not inspired by the pandemic, but it does feel like it was made for post-Covid fun. Remember clubs? “Getaway” recaptures the adrenaline we took for granted before 2020, but it does have the residual attitude of quarantine. 

How do you hope to connect with your audience through your music?

I want my audience to relate to my music and to get perspective out of any situation they find themselves. If that means dancing like a maniac through your house when nobody’s home, so be it.

Share some advice for other artists trying to be heard in pop music.

Never be quiet. Your music it your voice and you need to keep using it. Make people pay attention. Make people listen to your voice.

What is next for Joseph Trem?

Many more singles. I promise there will be an album someday because in my opinion albums are the most authentic form of music. But expect different sounds, and expect to have your mind blown.

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Premiere: Join Lyra Star For “The Loneliest Nights”

With the continuing effect of Coronavirus on the world today, we all share one thing in common: being trapped in a life of isolation. Feeling as though we are all living through the loneliest nights.

A positive outcome to the isolation has been the amount of artists who have released extremely relatable songs that put to words what we’re all feeling.

Lyra Star is among many of these artists with the release of her newest single “The Loneliest Nights.”

Lyra Star is a singer, songwriter, contortionist, and magical dreamer originally from Nashville, Tennessee. She is currently based out of Los Angeles, California.

She has been blessing the music industry with her creativity since her debut album A Thousand Dreams (2018)

 I’m happy that we are lucky enough to be the ones to premiere “The Loneliest Nights” right here at IBG.

Listen to “The Loneliest Nights” Below:

“The Loneliest Nights” is about the isolation that many of us have been living in during this pandemic.

Lyra on “The Loneliest Nights”

“In all honesty, I wasn’t feeling inspired to write music as much as I thought I would during the lockdown, but this song started to take shape about three months into the initial quarantine. I am a huge introvert, and I usually love my alone time.  However, when it is being forced upon you for weeks and weeks and weeks with no end in sight, it can start to get pretty heavy.  I also knew that I was not the only one having this experience… the effects of a worldwide pandemic were being felt by everyone across the globe in some way, shape, or form.

Prior to lockdown, I was busy all the time and barely had time to breathe.  All of a sudden, the hustle and bustle was gone, and everything I had started to build in Los Angeles came to a screeching halt.  The days and nights started to feel the same, and I missed people so much.  Everything that the media was saying was so depressing and gave absolutely no hope, so I really stopped paying attention to it for the most part.  I’m really excited about how the production came out on this one… I wrote the song initially on my electric guitar, but I wanted to create a vibe through strong electronic beats and haunting harmonies almost reminiscent of a gothic fairy tale.  I think people are going to relate to it on many different levels, especially considering that it is one year since the pandemic began, and we are still in it to some degree.”  – Lyra Star

This is the worst waiting game I’ve ever played.”

Everyone is feeling like life has recently felt like one huge waiting game. The virus continues to drag on and people are desperately looking hope it will end. Days drag on and morale is low. Lyra perfectly captured the way many of us have felt during the pandemic. This makes this track undeniably relatable, bringing any one who listens a sense of comfort that they’re not alone through this chaotic world.

What I love the most about Lyra is that she doesn’t tie herself down to just one specific genre. With her ethereal vocals and deep lyrics, Lyra has truly created a magical sound of her own. Despite the sense of despair within the lyrics, the track is bold and powerful. That juxtaposition makes “The Loneliest Nights” stand out above the crowd.

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Photo credit: Daniel J. Sliwa 
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Onism E Is Finding Hope In ‘Survivors’

Onism E premieres Survivors, album out February 19th, 2021

When we seek to comment on the state of the world, we have always looked to music. In particular, punk actively seeks to comment on the difficulties that we face as people.

One band that has consistently used their music to help us through the struggles of this past year has been Onism E. July saw their release, “My America,” take the music scene by storm. The track was an unflinching look at the incredible struggles that many Americans face daily.

Their next hit, “Survivors,” was a more hopeful glimpse into our futures. The newest album, also called Survivors, uses a combination of punk-pop and punk-rock to discuss the pain that so many of us have experienced since the pandemic hit.

The fear and uncertainty have only been amplified by the consistent loneliness that comes with self-isolation. However, what often goes undiscussed are the lingering mental and emotional effects that have been brought about by the pandemic. Survivors has taken on this subject with all the intensity and brilliance that we saw from Onism E overall the past year.

Watch the video for title track, “Survivors” below

The first track on the album, “Stay,” is about the changes that many of us have undergone as a result of Covid-19. The song is refreshingly honest about what it means to go through a rebirth, which can be incredibly painful.

Another track, “Be Strong,” implores the listener to continue, in spite of all the pain we have faced lately. “Be Strong” makes the listener feel heard, perhaps for the first time in a long while.

“Reach” is a stunning reminder that we are all worthy of life, no matter what we feel ourselves. “Reach” is an effort by Onism E to convince their listener that their hopes and desires and not only attainable, but they are also worth fighting for.

Survivors, by Onism E drops today, February 19th, 2021. 

Watch the video for “My America” by Onism E

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Angus Crowne ‘Let’s Fly’ With an IBG Premiere

The rise of independent music and the fall of the major labels controlling every aspect of what we hear has truly shifted the music industry. It is no longer mandatory to be a sexy young girl to get your music to the masses. This freedom has allowed amazing artists to come to the forefront even after the powers that be said they were too old and washed up. One of our favorite artists going against this norm is Angus Crowne. 

(We covered his debut HERE a while back) 

The accomplished musician and concert producer has been in the music game since his early teens. Working with such legends as QUEEN, Boy George, Fatboy Slim, Spacehog, Paul Oakenfold, and more has helped Angus Crowne shape his own career. Yes, he and his band The Family Jewels (guitarist Gavin Ross, drummer Tino Marrufo, and bassist/guitarist Rod Kashani) are in their late 40’s now, but now is the time for them to have the freedom to make the music they want.

Their Uke-Billy Punk sound is truly unique. It comes from a wide variety of influences to become something that hasn’t really been heard before. As Angus Crowne says “My music is ultimately about honesty and truth. And if I get to piss a few people off along the way, then my work here is done.” That punk rock ethos is alive and well for us ‘old-timers.’

Angus Young Premieres Let’s Fly on IndieBandGuru

Today, December 15th, 2020 marks the release of the newest record by Angus Crowne Let’s Fly. The 11 track album takes the listener into an alternate universe of raw sounds. As we open with “Dreaming Is True” it is clear that something new is here. The head bopping beat carries us along with some soulfully delivered lyrics.

The title track “Let’s Fly” shows off the experimentalism of Angus Crowne with exotic sounds filling the sonic space as a straight matter of fact vocal tells it like it is. Our minds are left wondering which piece of the music to grab on to. The uke-billy-punk rock is on full display on “Soft Show Scuffle.” The energetic psycho swing sound shows what the band is all about. 

Some comedy comes to the table on “She Don’t Care”. Fun lyrics paired with some inventive instrumentation and a cool guitar solo make for a full song. And add in the catchy “do a do wap” and you will be listening to this one for a while.

The record closes with an all-out energy assault with “Moulin Rouge.” The fast-paced banger will get toes tapping and ready for the exotic dance floor that Angus Crowne and The Family Jewels have created.

Keep up with more from Angus and the band HERE.

Premiere Review

Midnight Canyon rises with Debut EP

We are all well aware of the damage that the Covid-19 pandemic has done to the music industry as a whole. I can’t even explain my disappointment in the fact that I have not been to a live concert in 9 months. Fortunately some good has come out of this as well. We recently discovered the band Midnight Canyon that would probably not exist if it wasn’t for busy schedules being wiped out. 

The group emerged when three well respected Chicago artists found plenty of free time on their hands. Danny Chaimson (whose credits range from O.A.R., Mike Doughty and Orgone, to Tyga, Solange Knowles, and Mike Posner) called good friends Packy Lundholm (I Fight Dragons, May Erlewine, Woody Goss) and acclaimed singer-songwriter Pat McKillen to come in for an experimental, no expectations, strictly for fun quarantine jam session. The jamming led to songs, which led to recordings, which led to expert production in Chaimson’s home studio. A warm reverence for 70’s songwriting and heartfelt lyrics led to the official formation of Midnight Canyon.

Now the band has put their 5 favorites together into their self-titled debut EP Midnight Canyon. Opening with “Meet You Where The Ocean Starts”, sets that warm early Bruce Springsteen like tone mixed with the more modern Americana sounds. The emotional vocal delivery draws the listener into the soul of the song. This is classic songwriting.

Some diversity is shown by Midnight Canyon with the traditional country sound of “Angels & Devils” taken to a contemporary pop level with expert instrumentation. These are true artists blending their talents together perfectly. “Don’t Leave Me In The Dark” slows it down a little for the heartfelt song to really grab the listener. A smooth guitar solo meshed with beautiful vocal harmonies puts the track right there alongside classics by Steely Dan and Jackson Browne.

For the closer “Piano in The Dark”, Midnight Canyon stays in the soulful zone for an alt-country/indie rock standard. Layers build on top of each other seamlessly again highlighting the production skills of the project. 

Keep up with Midnight Canyon on INSTAGRAM for more. 

Interview Premiere

Music Video Premiere and Interview With Erick Beau

Music will always find a way. Even after it is pushed aside for years, good music will reawaken and insist that it gets released to the world. This seems to be the case with our recent find Erick Beau.

We had a chance to chat with the talented singer songwriter and have a premiere of his new music video for “Waiting For You”. Enjoy:

World Premiere of “Waiting For You’ by Erick Beau

What first drew you to music?

The first thing that drew me to music was when I received a kid drum kit at around 8 years old and I started to play while listening to Elvis or Beatles songs.

How would you describe the Erick Beau sound?

The Erick Beau sound is truly organic. Real root instruments are played and mix with more modern sounds. It is also very melodic. The melodies keep haunting you over and over again.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

The artists that had the biggest influence are Bach, Paul McCarthy, Sting, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, and U2.

How does a song come together for you? What is your songwriting process?

When I write a song I start with a theme, then I imagine myself singing it and discover the beat. Once I have a beat I then write the melody together with the lyrics and then I finish with chord placement and adjustments. In production, I can hear the different instruments and where they should come in in the song so I write the partitions and then have them played or write them with the artists.

After taking some time away from music to become a lawyer, what was the catalyst to launch your debut album?

The catalyst for launching my album was that I was in a position to do so and I felt the urgency to get it out there. My wife played a huge part in pushing me forward and making me realize it was finally the time to get my music out there.

What do you hope the listener takes away from your songs?

I hope my songs make my listener feel alive and understood in the feelings they experience through the different challenges we face in life, like going through a long-distance love story.

Share some advice for others sharing real life in their music.

My advice is to be real and sing about what you have experienced so the audience can really feel what you are going through and relate to your message.

Give us a look at the future from Erick Beau.

I will be launching 2 other singles at the beginning of 2021 and the Album will be out in the spring.

I am also launching more music videos.

Look out for some live acoustic version I will also be playing for you.

Keep up with more from Erick Beau on his website and social media channels:




Music You Should Know Premiere Review

“Lick It Up” From Sundae Crush

– photo by JP Martin

80’s movies have a special place in my heart. And among them, is the movie Heathers. So when I saw that Sundae Crush was referencing this iconic film in their newest music video, I was ecstatic. Lick It Up recreates the tension filled climactic ending of the movie (which I won’t spoil for those who have not seen). Directed by Trixxxy Poodle, the video was also shot at her house and edited by Izaac Mellow.

“I’m so glad I got to lyrically write about Heathers, it’s one of my favorite movies. It was really fun filming this video at Trixxxy’s house, she really made it wacky and fun throwing things on us. I’ve never been covered in sprinkles on my face before, and I can’t say it’s a great physical sensation. Definitely fits with the song though.” 

More About Sundae Crush:

Sundae Crush is a rainbow, daydream band writing songs to crush modern ideas of romance which can be toxic and unhealthy. The daydream started with Jena Pyle (vocals, guitar, flute) and is brought into reality with Emily Harris (guitar, vocals), Daniel Shapiro (drums, vocals), and Izaac Mellow (bass, vocals). The band pairs experimentation with groovy, heartfelt pop to tint your vision to a rosy hue. They’re releasing their first full length album Fall 2020.

Sundae Crush has appeared on KEXP’s Audioasis and has shared the stage with Frankie Cosmos, Winter, and Peach Kelli Pop.

The music video is off of the band’s forthcoming debut album A Real Sensation out via Donut Sounds Record Co. on November 27th. Dedicated to singer / songwriter Pyle’s therapist of five years, Sundae Crush works out damage by tuning up and turning listeners on to sweet and sour anthems like “Sensation” (already premiered by KEXP), “Kiss 2 Death,” and “Lick it Up.”

Even with these deep themes, they play for a party we’re all living out on a rainbow colored planet of fun stoner pop. Out on November 27th, make sure you tune into their newest release, and then throw on Heathers, for old time’s sake.