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It is often a long journey for a musician from the moments he first picks up a guitar until the stars align and he can release an album of his own music.  This voyage is needed to develop the right skill set to put out a quality project.  We have all heard the results of a singer/songwriter that tries to put out a recording way before they are ready.  It is not pretty.  On the other side of the spectrum is someone who has toiled in all aspects of the music business before introducing their own music to the world.  That is the case of our latest find Frank Roberts.

From the days when Roberts first picked up a guitar at age 14 he felt the lure of the instrument.  He studied diligently and became a young talent joining his first band, Marilyn White, at age 19 with teacher and friend Fred Mercier.  The band didn’t last long but Roberts’ burning desire for a music career was cemented.  Ever wanting to advance he then attended the Montreal Trebas Institute for a degree in sound engineering.  This led him to a job as an assistant to the sound engineer at the highly regarded Studio 451 in Verdun, PQ.  After doing some demos for local artists and learning more along the way Frank Roberts has now decided it was his time.

After relocating to Hamilton, Ontario, Roberts has spent the last year producing his own EP Change In Motion.  The 4 track instrumental album scheduled for release to the masses in December, showcases his stylistic approach to guitar performance.   The opening lead track ‘Change In Motion’ jumps out right away with guitar playing reminiscent of the guitar greats such as Eric Johnson and SteveVai.  Roberts soaring guitar grabs the listener’s attention.  On ‘Conflicting Ambitions’ he also shows that he has learned some other tricks in the studio such as how to program drums that add to the song without overpowering the guitar out in front.  The song builds like a car chase scene from an action film leading the listener down dark alleys and speedy highways always close to a crash but holding on seemingly effortlessly.  The closer of the EP ‘Under The Cali Sun’ is a slower almost ballad-esqe guitar piece that lets your heart slow down to its normal pace before the record ends.

For those that can appreciate great guitar playing, go check out more on Frank Roberts at:

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