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free cake for every creature Celebrates Change In Latest Video

Quiet pop band free cake for every creature is truly unique. What started as the brainchild of lead singer Katie Bennett has morphed into something fantastic. Their new album, Talking Quietly Of Anything With Youis a journey and everyone’s invited. free cake for every creature is encouraging everyone to forget their troubles in “All You Gotta Be When You’re 23 Is Yourself.” 

In the new album Bennett writes about everything from moving to Philly to falling in love. The band’s honest lyrics and Front Bottoms-like demeanor really sets them apart in the best way.

Bennett alternates between the refrain of “It’s all good” to lyrics like “Displaced, thoughts racing / Do I settle down or keep moving?” These different moods reiterate how it’s all kind of happening and that’s okay — all you gotta be is yourself. It’s this sense of acceptance and the easygoing vibe that set “All You Gotta Be When You’re 23 Is Yourself” apart from it’s predecessors.

free cake for every creature Celebrates Coming-of-Age In New Video

free cake for every creature’s video for “All You Gotta Be When You’re 23 Is Yourself” is a celebration of sorts. A commemoration of change, but with a ton of confetti and streamers.

In this track, the band mixes being unsure about a new place and being yourself into this amazing, upbeat melody. free cake for every creature explores changing direction and the fact that doing so is perfectly fine.

In this video we get a clear picture of the band, who perform in between shots of hands, hearts, and confetti. They perform in an easygoing way, as if we (and the finger puppets) are the audience at a birthday party. The members sway in between lyrics as different shaped stickers surround their heads. It all seems to come so easy for them — which makes it even more enjoyable to watch.

The lyrics are honest as we go through a story of relationships, moving to a new place, and growing older. Bennett shines as she croons about moving to new cities and growing up — all while remembering that all you gotta do is be yourself (and maybe have some birthday cake).
It’s thoughtful and creative, and honestly super encouraging. In all it really gives off a feel-good vibe. This flow, combined with Bennett’s soft yet enchanting voice, only makes free cake for every creature all the more unique.

The best part is the reassurance that Bennett reiterates in the chorus: “Call yourself an artist / work part-time at Whole Foods / It’s all good / Wear stupid looking shoes / Defuse leftover teenage blues / It’s all good.”

Talking Quietly Of Anything With You is available now.

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