Future Generations Explore Future of Alt-Pop with Single “Coast”

Each generation of musical genres always have a figurehead. That figurehead not only shapes the future of their genre, but tends to represent it on an artistic level. We anticipate one of the figureheads of the evolving alt-pop genre to be (the aptly named) Future Generations, who released their single “Coast” last month, and their self-titled album Future Generations on July 29.

Future Generations: Musical Intellectuals

The band met while attending Fordham University. Their shared intellectual interest in music and devotion to it worked to make an effective group, and they soon began recording regularly. Currently based in New York, Future Generations’ style is somewhat reminiscent of other synth-pop bands such as Two Door Cinema Club and, more recently, The 1975.

“Coast” is a highly appropriate stand-alone single, being both enjoyable and highly indicative of the band’s overall style. Their heavy electronic influence is immediately obvious, and it’s faithfully executed with the real, genuine feeling that synth-pop has come to embody. One could almost say it has a nostalgic aura to it. The track winds up with the refrain “The ghost is calling your name / I don’t hear a sound,” and subtle, emotionally driven guitar riffs. There’s a satisfying release at the end of the song, complimenting the adrenaline rush of the authentic pathos that the band so admirably relates through their instrumentation and vocals. It’s nothing short of a musical marvel.

You may think it excessive to equate a fairly new band to a “figurehead” for a new genre. Well, I am calling it early, but I have confidence nonetheless. Future Generations’ talent is something greater than possessed by the overwhelming majority of new bands. Some bands ride in to their genre on a wave of popularity. Other bands make those waves. Future Generations is one such band.

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