Giant The Artist – Blurring The Genre Lines With Introspective Lyrics

When an artist is unafraid to blend the lines between musical genres it always catches our attention.  This technique is a risky one as sometimes you will scare off potential fans that are looking for strictly one style and think they hate another.  This is very prevalent in rock-hip hop crossovers but our latest find, Giant The Artist, seems to have hit the sweet spot.

Giant The Artist

Formerly known as Joshua Giant the NYC native has found a way to appeal to both the hip hop and alt-rock fans and has been gaining attention through popular college radio stations in the US and Canada.

Last month Giant The Artist released HiberNation: The Mixtape.  The 16 track record is filled with songs that will be appreciated by all fans of music.  He hooked up with producer Sinima Beats to put it all together.  The opener “Now Or Never” jumps at you right off the bat with a lyrical assault showing that this man can flow.  The hook is catchy and memorable.  He is unafraid to share his life with the listener on songs like “Person I’ve Become” and “If Only”.  This allows an insight into a real artist story that anyone can relate to.  The full album lets you focus on the lyrics while the beat soothes in the background instead of drawing all the attention.  This is what music fans want, to feel like a part of the artist’s life.  Enter Giant The Artist’s world at:

Official Site:




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