Glenn Thomas Provides “The Longest Alibi You’ve Ever Heard”

Singer songwriter Glenn Thomas has just released his debut track as a solo artist and listeners are already craving more. “The Longest Alibi You’ve Ever Heard” is the perfect blend between folk and alternative rock and the genres are sewn seamlessly together to tell a raw, stripped back story of personal reflection. Glenn Thomas is the singer songwriter for Wild Sun, a popular alternative rock band in the New England area. This new release is our first glimpse as listeners to his unique style as a solo artist on his current project.

The track is rich with compelling vocals and instrumentals that seem to effortlessly take on the emotion and history behind the story. Glenn Thomas not only writes and performs the lyrics but on this new track he takes on more of the sound by personally recording all but two instruments. Guitar is featured heavily in this track and percussion keeps a steady beat in time with his electrifying vocals.

“The Longest Alibi You’ve Ever Heard” takes listeners on the journey with the storyteller, as we gain insight into his self-discovery that looks back at past decisions, relationships and feelings and navigates how all of those experiences come full circle in terms of where he is today. This track is one of bravery, as the writer takes the good, the bad and everything in between into account when acknowledging the role that he played as well as examining the role of others who have been significant influencers in his life.

Glenn Thomas Shows a Promising Future as a Solo Artist

Previously living in Rhode Island, Glenn Thomas has recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, where he is continuing this journey of self exploration that will span across a solo album that is expected to release later this year. This is only the first of many stories that Glenn Thomas will share in his career as a solo artist and listeners will wait in anticipation to see what compelling pieces he releases next.

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