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Walk “Down The Line” With Amy Loftus’ Latest Single

Radiating sunshine. Listening to Chicago-native Amy Loftus leaves you with a contagious energy that you can’t shake. Having spent her whole life in the arts, Amy is a trained actress, dancer, and painter, but songwriting and music have always been her greatest passion. Recently Amy released her eighth independent studio album Keep Me Wild, produced by Grammy Award winning producer and songwriter, Rich Jacques.

“Keep Me Wild” treads the line between folk/country and pop/rock, creating a masterful blend and a diverse tracklist. Each song shows vulnerability and emotional intimacy, sharing Loftus’ story of love and life. It’s about being alone until finding love, falling in love and staying in love. It’s about seeing life as a traveling through time experience, and aging well. Amy states that “Keep Me Wild is about how there is still a wildness in real, stable, safe and trustworthy love, which I didn’t know until I experienced it.

“Down The Line” is a bright, catchy single off of Keep Me Wild. Cowritten by Daniel Tashian, who produced Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves, “Down The Line” is one of the more alternative rock tracks on the album. With upbeat acoustic guitar strums throughout and soothing vocal melodies, you can practically feel yourself cruising down an open road with the windows down and this song playing. The warmth of “Down The Line” encapsulates you and carries you home.

“I still got a long way to go. Getting closer this I know, to finding home.”

Forever writing more music and performing around her current home, Los Angeles, Amy keeps busy and fully committed to doing what she loves. You can keep up with Amy on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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