Handsome Karnivore – Classic Rock With A Modern Feel For Your Enjoyment

There is something perfect about a band that keeps it simple and aims to bring back straight up classic rock.  That kind of music can appeal to everyone from the old timer to the new kid searching for great rock songs.  Unfortunately there are not enough bands doing this today but we found one that we would love to introduce you to.  Say hello to Handsome Karnivore.

The New Jersey based rock trio claims classic influences such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, and more modern stars like HIM and Imogen Heap.  Handsome Karnivore consists of guitarist Franco Zizza, drummer Raymond Velez, and bassist Tiago Valerio.  They have all been around the rock scene for a while in local favorites such as The Last Romantics and Snakeheart.  They are ready to go at it full force now and are devoting every available hour to writing memorable songs.

Coming soon will be Characteristics of Instrumental Silence, the band’s debut album scheduled for release this summer.  Indie Band Guru was able to get an advance listen to a few tracks and Handsome Karnivore seems to be on the right path.  The first song ‘Breakaway’ is a high energy guitar driven metal fest.  The powerful drumming and guitar tinkering add a lot to the head banging feel.  ‘Distorted Enchantment’ begins with a slowed down tempo but has flashes of excitement thrown down by some excellent musicianship and instrumental skill.  The last song temporary change has a great mix of that old classic rock feel with progressive riffs that make it stand out as something completely original.

Keep an eye out for the record this summer and keep up with Handsome Karnivore at:

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