LankDizzim – Impressive MixTape Touches On Many Different Influences

When music is a big part of a child’s life it is almost automatic that he will pursue musical dreams in his later years.  Those early influences provide the base and the spark needed.  The love of music now ingrained, it is only a matter of time before a successful career is in reach.  A good example is the rising star LankDizzim.

The Florida native grew up in Jacksonville’s Ribault Manor.  It wasn’t an easy childhood but with supportive parents and 3 close brothers the love of music was always there.  LankDizzim was drawn to the Hip Hop scene early following older brother Laf’s footsteps.  One story he tells is of entering a “Say NO To Drugs’ rap contest with his brother at the age of seven.  When the curtain opened LankDizzim forgot most of the rhymes his mother had written for him.  The pair still managed to place third in the contest and he was hooked.  Later the duo paired again with 2 other talented artists to form the Prolegend Movement rap group.  They recorded together for the next decade garnering much local success.

Always looking to grow as an artist LankDizzim has recently released his debut mixtape, Hustlemania.  The 24 track record shows off his diverse skills and his ability to rhyme all over the map.  The opening track ‘Port Of Duval’ is a choppy anthem for his hometown.  The jumpy feel of the track gives the listener something else to focus on with each listen.  The old school flow of ‘Cypher Session’ lets the lyrics stand out above the rest.  There is barely room for a breath between the bomb dropping raps.  The focus is on the impressive production on the track ‘GoodGreen’.  The sounds throughout this track sound as if they were formed far from this world.  The melody keeps the song buzzing in your head for a while.  The album also features some great cruising sounds like ‘Grade A’.  The head bopping beat is perfect for riding the streets in the Chevy Impala that LankDizzim often references.

When you are ready for over an hour of body moving hip hop flow, go take a listen to Hustlemania at:

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