Hans Peter Beeler on a Mission With ‘We All Know’

Music is meant to make a difference. Sometimes it just to cause some moments of joy and happiness for the listener. Other times there is more to it. Music can be a catalyst for change in the world. Our recent discovery Hans Peter Beeler is on a mission to be part of that change with his newest release “We All Know.”

As an industrial engineer playing guitar was a fun hobby for the Swiss guitarist for years. Fortunately for Hans Peter Beeler he had the opportunity while in Shanghai to meet and jam with a variety of talented artists at the House of Blues and Jazz. This taught him how to play and improvise within a bunch of musical genres. As recording technology advanced he was able to keep experimenting. With the push of a friend Hans Peter Beeler started writing and recording his own music to share with the world. He brought in some talented musicians in the form of The Cool Buzzers to fill in the sound around his guitar.

For his most recent single “We All Know” Hans Peter Beeler is on a mission to make change. Global air pollution is on the path to destroy our planet. Beeler has lived in cities with this high pollution and felt the effects. An AQI (air quality index) over 500 is considered hazardous. We reach this level far too often in our world today. This truly inspired him to write this song as a call to fix the issue.

An elegant guitar leads the song as the lyrics share an emotional plea about the problems of pollution. A steady beat keeps the focus on the meaning of the track. As the song evolves more and more power comes in to push the message forward. Some saxophone meshes with the guitar to create a sound that should clash but somehow works together well. Hopefully we can all come together as well to create a cleaner world.

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15 replies on “Hans Peter Beeler on a Mission With ‘We All Know’”

I still remember the night out when I saw you and your band playing before you left Switzerland in your band room… Good memories… keep on rockin!

Ich bin stolz auf meinen Cousin Hämpi. Musik ist Lebenselixier… Vielleicht rocken wir zusammen einmal im Altersheim… Ich wünsche dir viel Glück und freue mich auf weitere Songs von dir… 😊👍

HP! A talented individual, song writer that’s speaks from the heart. His musics speaks to everyone! I enjoy his music and looking forward to listening to more! Cheers!

Great music created from the heart and played with such passion. I’m privileged to have seen Hans Peter play live in Shenyang. Love all his music!

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