HARLOE’s ‘Crush On You’ is a Stunning New Pop Tune

HARLOE is a voice to listen for in 2020. Already Grammy-nominated, HARLOE has released ‘Crush On You’ as a part of her debut EP ‘Rivers Run Dry.’ It feels as though the modern music scene looks down on pop as not holding the emotion of other genres, but ‘Crush On You’ rejects this generalization. HARLOE’s ‘Crush On You’ combines the pulsating, captivating rhythm of traditional pop while creating a poem with her words.

HARLOE is an artist that intertwines her own performance with her music. This is why the artistry of the music video for ‘Crush On You’ is so vital to one’s understanding of what the song means. HARLOE’s music video for ‘Crush On You’ is like an Art Nouveau painting; flooded with vibrant colors and smooth visuals that almost make the edges of the painting appear soft.

For HARLOE, it isn’t simply about a catchy tune or a string of empty words. In HARLOE’s ‘Crush On You,’ the singer infuses a personal meditation on memory with the reality of how love never really leaves you. HARLOE sings about modern love as neverending, even if the relationship itself ends. ‘Crush On You’ is both heartbreaking and uplifting. It evokes an emotion of a first-love that did not end badly but still ended none-the-less.

HARLOE puts an emotional spin on modern love. The lyrics of ‘Crush On You’ are emphasized with HARLOE’s expert use instrumentation and soft melodies. It is a healthy way to look at ex-relationships without any anger or toxicity. Her pop song is one of extreme emotion, she does not shy away from blasting the listener with genuine truths of her story. And it is her story that can resonate with each listener.

Perhaps the most distinctive element of ‘Crush On You’ is its use of the piano. Indeed, it is her use of the instrument that seems to infuse the song with a classical tradition. ‘Crush On You’ is deeply nostalgic and yet stunningly hopeful. HARLOE admits that life and love are baffling and bizarre, yet her music is still filling with a yearning for the confusing parts of life. HARLOE has created a buzz in the music industry at a rapid rate; catching the attention of the world of modern pop. HARLOE’s ‘Crush On You’ is out through her debut EP Rivers Run Dry.

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