The Healers Are Set To Heal Your Soul

When an artist is willing to be part of ‘the scene’ for a long time, they will inevitably make some amazing connections. Playing alone in your bedroom does not offer that. Getting out there and meeting other like-minded musicians not only opens up immeasurable collaboration opportunities but it also exposes you to other styles of music. This broadens your ability to create something amazing by borrowing the best pieces to create something that is uniquely yours. Our friend Peter Hutchison has been at it for quite a while and seems to have hit true gold with his latest project The Healers.

Over the past 2 decades Peter Hutchison has released a long list of critically-acclaimed albums under different monikers. From his time fronting 90’s CMJ mainstays Subduing Mara to his turn as Lucas Shine  which won Village Voice Music Critics Year’s Best with the album No Cure for Life, the amount of amazing music released is staggering. His output has been graced by contributions from a host of NY session luminaries, who have worked with just about every major artist in the Americana/Roots Rock scene.

Now as The Healers, Hutchinson managed to recruit an all-star lineup of Brooklyn musicians, including Rod Hohl (the Silos, Yarn), Konrad Meissner (Syd Straw, Brandi Carlile, Freedy Johnston), Dennis Lichtman (Jim Kweskin Band, Ghost Train Orchestra, Pokey LaFarge), Bobby Hawk (Taylor Swift, Bleachers, Post Malone) & Rob Jost (Björk, Imogen Heap, Jesse Harris.) Together they produce a country heavy Celt-Folk sound on their self-titled debut album Healers.

The full album was recorded live at Grand Street Recording, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. That authenticity jumps right out of the speakers on the opening track “Count To Three.” The warm guitar picking style combined with the easy going vocals of Hutchinson welcomes everyone in to be part of the cozy community. The folk and country mix has a way of just relaxing the mind of any listener. The fun “Oh Yeah, Oh Well, All Right” offers a mellow yet bouncy track that will get you bouncing your head along to the beat. The instantly catchy melody will creep deeply in as the pace picks up and slows down to keep you in tune. “Someday We’ll Get It Right” continues this smooth style of relaxed yet thoughtful songwriting. 

Earlier this year, The Healers got some major college airplay with their Americana version of the KISS classic “Detroit Rock City.” It takes a minute to figure out exactly why the song sounds so familiar with this unique arrangement (and never actually saying the words Detroit Rock City, lol.) The flourishes offered by the band bring it to a new level. 

The deep Folk, Country, and Americana of The Healers is continued on highlights like “The Porch Song”, “The Come Down”, and “Don’t Water Down My Whiskey.” There is no denying the musical skills of the entire band as they push the envelope of mixing these styles with the utmost precision. Beautiful songwriting to ease a troubled mind while making you feel like you are part of something more. 

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