Highland Kites Says “I’m Not Weak” And Neither Are You In Latest EP

Candid songs reveal a lot about an artist, whether it be a personal struggle or belief. Songs like this open up the songwriter’s world to the listener and give them a peek into their lives. They also can be used as an encouraging move to let the reader know it’ll get better and everything will be fine. Highland Kites, a group already known for their honesty, has done this and more in their latest release. In their latest EP I’m Not Weak Highland Kites brings this raw element you can’t duplicate or even imitate. Their entire premise is this journey of self-reflection they invite the reader on.

It’s not just a good listen either. I’m Not Weak can be seen as a championing moment. To Highland Kites it’s a chronicled triumph over “adversity” that translates into this package of very raw and open songs. It’s a candid account of a year that took a lot of strength to survive, and that’s commendable in itself.

Highland Kites Plays With Vulnerability

Highland Kites is a band that has no problem showing its weak spots. Their songs come with this intimate amount of vulnerability, and the best part is how they’re not afraid to show case it. Whether it be in sad ballads about finding your way or even feeling out of place, Highland Kites’ singer/songwriter Marissa Lamar brings the music to this very raw and honest space where she bares it all for her listeners.

You can almost feel the ache through their songs like “Temporary Life” with piercing lyrics like “my greatest flaw is never giving anything up / even when it hurts so damn much” or in Monster with the repeated “Am I a monster or am I just a monster”.

The best part is this is exactly what the band intended. It’s something Lamar noted when she said, “As a songwriter, it’s the most honest thing I’ve ever done. I took off all the reservations, all the things I used to be afraid of people knowing about me, and went all out to create a message of honesty and a long, hard look at the relationships in my life both during my illness and now.”

One of the most interesting things about this EP is how even with all the candid moments and revealing lyrics, the band still produces this extremely positive album. The trio combines Lamar’s charming voice with an encouraging and light backing to create positive reflection. It not only produces just a good album for their fans, but nails in this constant theme that you can come back from it all if you just stop running.

You can keep up with the band here, and check out the rest of their songs here.

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