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HOOOPS Preparing Debut EP, Crowdfunding Campaign

Greg Rogove has decided to take things to the next level — and he’ll do it under the alias of HOOOPS.

Previous to stepping into the stage name HOOOPS, Rogove spent the past few years releasing various tapes and projects as both a soloist and in separate bands. You may know him best for his partnership with  Devendra Banhart to form Megapuss, an indie-alternative outfit with a short-lived existence back in 2008.

Still at the very early stages of what may prove to be a rather successful career, HOOOPS has chosen to raise funds for his debut EP through Pledgemusic. His campaign has dozens of incentives, including special one-on-one events like drum lessons and even dinner with an acoustic performance.

HOOOPS is the kind of artist that just takes one listen to appreciate, give ’em a shot.

Psychedelic Afro-Rhythm

With just one song, HOOOPS has managed to do the impossible. He has effectively bridged the mile-wide gap between psychedelic rock and Africana rhythm.

Their newest song, “Against The Wall,” is an absolute work of artistry. The song relies on a smooth, head-nodding rhythm and an excellent show of vocalism from Rogove, and the video serves as an outstanding supplement to the project. (The video contains nudity.)

This is exactly the kind of abstract thought that breeds an epic album. Though it’s only the beginning, it’s works like these that really give an indication of just where an artist like HOOOPS may be headed.

HOOOPS both Humble and Hungry

Gregory Rogrove consistently proves that he is more than just a drummer. The man is a vocalist, a composer, and above all else, a musician.His 2011 two-disc album Piana was an instant hit in the indie community and, later that year, he gained recognition from NPR for his visual representation of a piano piece he did called “Jackal.”

A true visionary, Rogove has been able to use pretty much every form of media as a paintbrush with which he creates a masterpiece on our mind’s canvas. It should come as no surprise that he is stepping into a new form of genre-blending music — Rogove is a man not bound by societal expectations but rather by the backbeat and synth.

All things considered, I think we can expect big things from HOOOPS.

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