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How To Start Working As A DJ

In recent years, the profession of DJ has spread a lot and very quickly, especially among young fans of every genre. To find a job in the field it’s important to have social skills and the ability to maintain many contacts (also known as networking). Many job opportunities for DJs can be found through the web: you can find websites of agencies and specialized portals that provide jobs for professionals of the console.

Become A DJ

One of great options, to gain exposure are dedicated agencies, that provide social media support. Here’s an example

The work of the DJ is not a profession that you can improvise. The DJ created the atmosphere and so is the main protagonist of an event. Besides passion and attitude, skills and competencies are required, and they only come with practice. You can learn through self-study or targeted courses, such as the one organized by the European Academy Disc Jockey based in Milan. When the level of professional is reached, many markets become available: you can work as a DJ in clubs, but also in villages, on private premises, in music festivals and on the radio, too.

My personal advice? The best way to find bookings is to get Beatport hits – they assure you DJ bookings.  Exposure is the bottom line.  Get as much as you can.

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