Ian Marquis – Modern Rock With Throwback Influences Leading The Way

On many albums and singles I’ve heard or heard discussed, the synth is a popular throw in but rarely mentioned or shown off by the artist. Our latest find, Ian Marquis has not only harnessed the art of synthesizer embedment, he embraces it, giving it as much attention and respect as the common guitar.

Ian Marquis
The Bangor, Maine alt-rock solo act of Ian Marquis has the feel of a full band production.  He has been playing and recording for over ten years and claims he is now hitting his stride with catchy modern rock with heavy influences of new wave times past.  This musical combination has created something quite unique.
His latest album, Faces from the Static, has alt-rock vocals comparable to the styles of Daughtry, Low Level Flight or Thornley.  “Help Me Make It To The Night” took my mind to how I’d imagine an 80’s prom with what might be some Weezer inspiration behind the guitar riffs. The perfect soundtrack to a hopelessly romantic boy waiting for his dream girl to waltz across the dance floor and save his heart.
“Call Me Crazy” was finger tapping good fun, like if Flock of Seagulls, Metro Station and Franz Ferdinand travelled back in time, got together in a beat lab and had an audial test tube baby. I can’t play keys myself but that didn’t stop me from pretending at my desk. Call me crazy but this ear worm will be stuck in my head for days.
“Lock Your Lips”, the last piece on the album, brought me future forward into a 90’s high school movie where it could be placed on an OST among the likes of early Blink-182 and Third Eye Blind. With an end of summer, drive off into the sunset with the girl you finally caught feel, this song was a satisfying end to a creative, well written and very well mixed project.
I could see any of these tracks on mainstream radio or within film soundtracks in the very near future.  Go listen to Ian Marquis for yourself at:
*-reviewed by Casey Telford

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