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The alt-folktronic based band in Cape Town/London, THE WINTYR began as the solo project of Evelyn Hart (vocals/synth/piano). Tristan Carmichael (Guitar/Synth/Piano) and Brendyn Rossouw (Percussion/Guitar) jumped onboard to produce a batch of songs that would become their debut full-length. After working together for several months, the three decided the sound would be best portrayed in a full-band dynamic and officially became THE WINTYR in November 2015.

They recently released their music video for “Followers” from their upcoming album, Fury, due out in early 2017.  We had a chance to chat with The Wintyr as they are on the verge of breaking out worldwide in the coming year.  Enjoy the interview here:

Where did you get the name Wintyr?

We eventually landed up with ‘The WINTYR’ after much deliberating! We wanted a name that fitted the sonic we had created in studio – something cinematic, elemental & visual. We initially tried naming the band after star constellations, but found that The WINTYR just worked.

How did the band form?

The band started out as Evelyn Hart’s solo project. Tristan and Brendyn, both being established producers, came on board to work with Evelyn in studio, and over time, created a fresh sound that translated the best as a three-piece. Since performing our first live show to over 6000 people at Cape Town’s Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens in January this year, we’ve been gigging throughout South Africa and the UK.


How would you describe your sound?

The WINTYR’s sound is an electronic, cinematic experience. Evelyn Hart’s storyteller songwriting style and ethereal vocals combine with urban-inspired synths and oriental warlike percussion.

Who are your influences?

The band is inspired by the sonics from European artists such as M83, Florence & the Machine and Bjork, as well as composers who create music for film – James Newtown Howard, Thomas Newman, to name a few.

What is your songwriting process?

For this our debut album, Fury, we began with Evelyn writing demos on the piano. Many songs begin with scribbles and sketches in notebooks, and lyrics are written and rewritten right up until Brendyn recorded the final vocal takes. In parallel Tristan would be adding loads of colour and production options which then culminated in many listening and tweak sessions. It really helped having our own studios as we bounced the project between rooms to help keep ears fresh. We also had a great creative friend of our’s Jeremy De Tolly help inspire some good processes early on.

What’s next for Wintyr?

In 2017 we will be releasing our debut album internationally and heading to the US to attend SXSW. From there, we will be traveling to the UK in June/July/August for more shows, songwriting and recording.

What advice would you give to other bands on the rise?

The greatest advice we could give to bands just starting out would be to spend time finding your unique sound and identity that will set you apart from every other act out there. Work on yourself and your live show so that you are able to help people escape. Most of all – when you have found your sound, be secure in it and hungry for it.

Keep an eye and ear on The Wintyr HERE.


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