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The Hope Of ‘If I Die Today’

‘If I Die Today’ is a new indie-pop tune by Andrew Levin, a song which examines the struggles, and beauty, of being alive, and the inevitability of death.

‘If I Die Today’ has a deep soul with an incredible message. It does not shy away from the realities of death or the struggles of being alive. The latest single from Andrew Levin is a golden example of modern indie-pop. It has a slow, beautiful melody that sticks with you. Levin’s passionate vocals are a perfect accompaniment to the beat.

Andrew Levin is one of those artists with a very clear message. He always has something to say. He has a message. ‘If I Die Today’ is a song which is slightly difficult to listen to in this day and age, but it is worth it.

While we are all experiencing the turmoil of this time, music is one of the ways that we can process everything that we are going through. One route is to listen to music as a form of escapism. ‘If I Die Today’ falls into the other category, which examines the difficulties we face in depth through song. This is a song that discusses the realities of death, the fears we have surrounding it, and the struggles of living.

‘If I Die Today’ is a song that feels almost like a lullaby. It is both comforting while also being stunningly haunting. It is not necessarily a song to be listened to idly. However, ‘If I Die Today’ does not romanticize death. Instead, it admits to the inevitability of death while also giving the message to make the most of your time.

If we have learned anything from 2020 thus far, it is that nothing is guaranteed or promised. ‘If I Die Today’ speaks to this. It is also surely important to remember that we are still here. We are still alive, and that is an achievement in itself.

Andrew Levin’s song is a potent reminder that we are mortal, but that we are still able to experience that mortality and existence. ‘If I Die Today’ by Andrew Levin is currently available to listen to and purchase.

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