IBG Interview 8 Questions With… Anthony Casuccio – ‘What Is The Point’

Music just keeps on flowing from our friend Anthony Casuccio. Sometimes even old songs found on 30 year old demo tapes, lol. We caught up with the talented songwriter/producer about his latest single ‘What is The Point”.

Enjoy the interview here:

Hi Anthony. Good to hear you are still putting out a constant stream of music. It seems like that little pandemic break only fueled your musical energy. Is that true?

Absolutely. The pandemic gave me time to reestablish my creative process that I had cast aside due to “life”. I also finished my new music studio and that allowed me to hone my songwriting process. Having a well-equipped recording studio at my fingertips allowed me to work whenever the creative spark hit me. I have finetuned the process and harnessed my creativity. The result is a steady flow of music. I have a ton of new songs in the pipeline. 

With all these crazy monikers in music nowadays, what made you decide to stick with Anthony Casuccio as your artist’s name? 

I released my first album under Anthony Joseph in 2000, which is my first and middle name. I found out the hard way that fans, family, and friends had a difficult time locating it. From a marketing perspective, I figured my name is unique enough that I should just stick with it. This way anything that I do music related will be easy to search and find. 

You have worked with many big names over your 25-year music career. Are you still collaborating or focusing on your own solo music now? 

I am and I will always do so. In addition to writing and recording my own music, I have an audio production company called Xtream Audio. I am constantly mixing and mastering for other artists. I like the income, but I also like being exposured to new music. It helps keep me fresh and up with the musical trends that I may not normally hear while working on my own material. 

Music Video for ‘What Is The Point’

This new track “What Is The Point” is another changeup in style. Where did the inspiration for this one come from?

I watched Stranger Things with my son and saw the rise in popularity of retro music. Music that I grew up with. Over the summer I found an old demo that I recorded in my Manhattan apartment bedroom 30 years ago. That demo was ‘What is The Point’. I loved the song, so I recorded a new version of the song over a weekend this summer. And tried very hard to keep the same retro feel. I think I succeeded. Everyone that I played the song for loved it. So I decided to release it. 

Where did you find the energy for such a hi-tempo track, lol?

I just let the rhythm push me forward. Its like, put your tray tables up and put your seatbelt on, you are going for a ride whether you like it or not. I just harnessed the energy and let it take me where it wanted. The result is a very fun, singable song. 

Which genres would you say you brought together on “What Is The Point”

I am not sure! There are a few predominant styles that stick out. The guitar is based on an old 70s’ rock song by the band Boston. The drumbeat is 80’s Hip Hop and the vocals kind of have a 90s’ punk/grunge feel. 

So, are you having more fun with the turntables or your guitar now?

I hate to admit it but yes. That is why I try to incorporate as much guitar as possible in my music. It is the one instrument that I know that I am really good at. Plus, I am trying to merge a few styles together to attract a bigger audience.  

Give us a glimpse at what we can expect next from Anthony Casuccio.

I have a bunch of new music that I am trying to finish up. I hope to release a new EP in the spring. I need to weed through the songs and see what will work as a release and what would be better to use as live songs during my DJ sets. It’s a good problem to have. 

You can follow Anthony Casuccio on social media to find out what is coming next:

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