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Sometimes a song will hit you but then get left aside as you work on something else. Going back to check on these lost morsels can often lead to new life and a song that hits at just the right time. Our recent find From Venus seems to have had this magic happen with her new single ‘Sirens’.

We had the chance to chat with the multi-genre songwriter to get a deeper look into her process and the song. Enjoy the interview here:

First off, tell us about the name From Venus?

When trying to assign a name to the loving and warm vibrations I hoped my music would emanate, celebrating the feminine that resides in us all to some degree (men are From Venus too), I felt the love goddess Aphrodite encompasses that. With the ethos of belonging, equality, unity and positive change in society, From Venus felt right when trying to represent this. 

How would you describe your sound?

From Venus features lo-fi beats and synth tinged Folk, Trip-pop, that is layered with catchy and emotive lyrics. Influences leaning on a diverse and eclectic palate of earthly musical genres delineated as Folk, Electronica, Rhythm, Blues, Soul and Pop.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

Where to start!? From classic Soul and RnB artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Ben E King, Marvin Gaye – to the rawness of Skin from Skunk Anansi, Kurt Cobain – to new school swing vibes from Caro Emerald – an eclectic mix!

Current musical influences include; Jadu Heart, Bon Iver, James Blake, Portishead, Laura Marling, Bonobo, Francis and the Lights, Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, Rationale, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman (to mention a few!)

Did your move from London to the more secluded South Downs have an effect on your development?

It changed the way I work as far as songwriting processes; In London I lived with my best friends who were all amazing musicians, so we could jam and kinda take an idea to a finished song in a matter of hours! I spent more time honing in on and developing a wider skill set so I could start getting ideas down for more instruments and recording fully at home. 

I got stuck in a wheel of ‘production’ going back and forth trying out ideas from YouTube videos to develop my own techniques. However, found myself lost in technicalities and out of the ‘creative’ space that I enjoy so much. I then started to write songs on an instrument and then start creating other parts around it, and this has been my process for the last year. Seeing all of the studious work behind the scenes come together is a great feeling.

How does music come to you? What is the From Venus songwriting process?

I have many different processes when it comes to songwriting, and it depends on circumstances on the day – if I have a really hectic schedule I might sit down at lunch with my ukulele or guitar and find some nice chords, freestyle melody and lyrics and capture that on voice notes to then develop in a DAW adding synths, beats etc.

Or I may create a simple beat in Ableton – I’ll use that to inspire melody to then find the chords and other parts. I find free-styling with my voice and lyrics comes the easiest, so quite often it’s a melody and then I develop the harmony, rhythm, instrumentation etc around that.

Your latest single “Sirens” seems to be quite relevant to the state of the world today. What can you tell us about the story behind it?

I actually wrote Sirens a few years back when I challenged myself to come up with a song idea a day and have been going back and seeing which ones were worth developing. The inspiration came when considering all of the ‘bad’ things that were happening in the World and the urgent feeling of wanting to address and be a part of positive change.

It feels even more relevant now than it did two years ago, but I do feel we have been leading to a climax where we have to take action and make conscious changes to better the way we do things in relation the global economic crisis. Things like the way we consume food (or lack of for some), fashion (fast fashion soon added to landfill), division of class, race, sexuality, gender, lack of funds and funding in essential areas (homelessness, the arts, poverty etc) addressing the imbalance across the globe, it’s too easy to be ignorant to our over consumption and a lack of social consciousness. 

Sirens is a message – a wake up call and what better time than now to wake up as one and consciously action small changes within our own homes to create a butterfly effect that will benefit Planet Earth and future generations – before it’s all too late!

Share some advice for other artists creating original music?

Be true to yourself, try not to get lost in the details before the song itself is written. 

If you question your lyrics – let them flow without judgement and then once the main framework is there it is much easier to tweak or change a lyric – I’ve worked with songwriters in the past and have seen them get ‘blocked’ because they are stuck on making a specific element perfect, before moving on and this can sometimes hinder the initial creative process. 

Release self judgement during the process – it’s hard to do I know!

Practice, practice, practice, perform (even if to family members and friends initially), collaborate, perform, practice…Basically, keep honing and developing your craft – the learning never stops – the more we learn the more we realise there is to learn! 

Be brave and share – there will be others who feel like you do and will connect with your music – it just takes time!

Give us a look at the future of From Venus?

With two more singles set for release this year and studio time booked to record more tracks, I feel a sense of optimism and excitement for the future. I have recently released a ‘home-brewed’ music video YouTube – Sirens: From Venus and have some unplugged versions too – head on over to Instagram or Youtube to check them out. 

I recently collaborated on an exciting bamboo tee giveaway @shelljon_organic to promote sustainable merchandise in the music industry and have some more collaborative giveaways coming up!

As a new artist I am still finding my tribe and looking to connect with likeminded people and creatives so please head on over and connect with me on Instagram @fromvenusmusic, facebook @musicfromvenus and Spotify to take a listen to Sirens and if it moves you add to your favourite playlist and share with your friends. And, hey, send me a DM, introduce yourself, I’d love to connect!

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