Into Bits – Thought Provoking Songs Presented In A Very Pretty Way

There are many artists out there that aim for more than just writing pretty pop songs.  They aim to make your mind race as you listen to their songs not just hum along to a pop fueled beat.  Songs that make you think will be listened to over and over again to try and take it all in.  Our recent find Into Bits has this in his grasp and now is sharing it with the world.

Into Bits

Isaac Jorgensen is the man behind the music of Into Bits.  He is an American living in Sweden who feels he has an obligation to make music.  We are happy for that as his style of telling thought provoking stories through song truly captured our attention.  Whether writing a simple minimalistic song to capture a feeling or a slickly produced pop song the thoughtful effect is the same.  Isaac has taken his varied influences from pop, rock, folk and oldies and turned them into his own signature style.

The debut album by Into Bits entitled I Was Made For You was recently released to the masses.  The 5 song EP touches on a variety of genres showing some impressive diversity.  The opener “If This Is Love” has some elements of an indie rock song with its gritty guitar and yet breaks down for the chorus with a staccato style delivery to make each word sound very important.  On the title track “I Was Made For You” Into Bits slows it down for a soft and pretty performance that shares his true feelings of love.  For the closer “Hunger Pains” he lets his mellow voice lead the way to draw in the listener to the folk based track.  When Isaac hits the high notes the talent is extremely evident.  Go enter Into Bits world for yourself at:


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